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“I want to help increase the visibility of women’s football” – Midfielder dubbed ‘Italy’s most beautiful footballer’ on sharing bikini snaps online

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Agata Centasso is often called the most beautiful female footballer in the world. She is the vice captain of Serie B side Venezia and plays as a midfielder.

Apart from her skills on the pitch, Centasso is also a social media sensation. She has around 56,000 Instagram followers and often posts snaps of herself in bikinis.

Speaking about her reason for doing so, she said (via The Sun):

“I’m happy: I see it as an opportunity because it allows me to make my sport better known. “I want to help increase the visibility of women’s football.”

While there are several well-known stars in women’s football like Alisha Lehmann, it is not as followed as men’s football. In such a skewed scenario, players like Centasso help draw attention to the women’s game.

Agata Centasso opened up on how she got into football and more

Agata Centasso’s beauty should not distract fans from the fact that she is a professional player as well. In her recent interview with Gazetta, Centasso was asked about how she got into football.

The player explained the origins of her love for the game. She said that it came from the family. Centasso further added that she had passion for running and started playing basketball. She said:

“The interest in sport has not been inherited from the family. At home they pushed me towards music, dance, the piano. But I wanted to run. So, as a child, I approached basketball.”

Centasso quit basketball as a 20-year-old as her football skills grew. Her partner, Andrea Migliorini is also a footballer and currently plays in the Serie D.

Players like Centasso are looking to give women’s football more visibility than it has at the moment. The Italian has certainly caught the fans’ attentions so far with her social media posts.

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