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bjp: If BJP has problems with Rahul Gandhi’s remarks, it must debate all issues in Parliament: Congress

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New Delhi: Countering the BJP‘s latest attack on Rahul Gandhi for his remarks in the UK, the Congress on Monday said if the ruling party has problems with what the former AICC chief said, then it should debate all such issues in Parliament. The Congress also alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said the “most obnoxious things” and has always spoken against India‘s political leaders.

The Congress’ attack came after Union Minister Anurag Thakur alleged that in his remarks in the UK, Gandhi sought the intervention of the US and European nations over “disappearing” democracy in India.

Speaking at a function in London, Gandhi expressed regret that democratic parts of the world, including the US and Europe, have failed to notice that a “large chunk of democracy has come undone”.

Asked about the BJP’s criticism, Congress spokesperson Supriya Shrinate alleged that Prime Minister Modi has said “the most obnoxious things” on foreign soil.

“From Seoul to Shanghai, Moscow, Toronto, the US, Abu Dhabi and Oman, wherever he (the PM) has travelled, he has always spoken against India’s political leaders… In Shanghai on Chinese soil, he has said things like ‘nothing happened in 70 years’. He has demeaned India’s freedom struggle, he has demeaned the institutions that we have built, he has demeaned an average Indian, who works very hard and contributes to nation building,” Shrinate charged.

Hitting out at Thakur, Shrinate claimed he was promoted to a Cabinet minister because of his “venomous hate speeches”.

“I want to ask him (Thakur) that when Rahul Gandhi talks about a world which is divided between America and China on two sides, and India can be a huge power with its democratic values and the values of Mahatma Gandhi, is he defaming India or he is actually lauding India’s values,” she said. “When Rahul Gandhi says on foreign soil, on British soil that Indian democracy is a public good, I think, we should be very proud of it. Instead, the BJP is finding facts to criticise it. What exactly is their position and what do they have to say about the various statements that Mr Modi has made,” she asked.

“The BJP has issues with what Rahul ji has said, let us debate every issue in India’s Parliament. Are you (BJP) willing to debate every issue in India’s Parliament? Are you willing to come forward and say that when Mr Gandhi speaks about Adani, we will answer on Adani; when he speaks about high prices, we will not say ‘We don’t eat garlic, onion’ … I challenge you. They cannot debate these issues,” Shrinate said.

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