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Western Sahara: Spanish Solidarity Movement With Sahrawi People Urges to Set Up a Leading Action Plan in Line With the Challenges of the Current Phase

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Madrid (Spain) — The Spanish coordination for solidarity and friendship with the Sahrawi people and the Sahrawi diplomatic mission in Madrid started on Tuesday, a meeting to reviewing and adapting the program of work and strategy in order to set up a leading action plan in line with the challenges of the current situation, which is marked with the resumption of war and the Continuation of human rights violations by the Moroccan occupation authorities in the occupied territories of Western Sahara.

During the two day meeting, the chairperson of the Spanish Coordination, Mr. Xavier Serra, said: “The situation of the Sahrawi people has completely changed since the resumption of the armed struggle After Morocco violated the cease-fire agreement, which will affect the work of the solidarity movement with the Sahrawi people.”

Xavier Serra added: “What existed before is no longer appropriate with what we are currently going through, so we have to look for the best solutions to make 2022 the year to reach the requirements of the current situation”, calling for all The components of the European Solidarity Movement to be effective to exert the required pressure on Spanish bodies and to help on political sensitization processes at the level of civil society in a way that leads to a just solution for the benefit of the Sahrawi people.

In a statement to the Sahrawi television “RASD TV” on the sidelines of the meeting, the chairperson of the Spanish Solidarity Movement with the Sahrawi people, which coordinates between 200 friendship associations throughout the Spanish territory, declared that it is now considering substantial amendments to the promotion of solidarity work in order to mitigate the suffering of the Sahrawi people.

For his part, the representative of the Polisario Front to Spain Abdallahi Al-Arabi, said: “that this meeting also aims to highlight the outline of this year program of work, and to increase the solidarity with the Sahrawi issue”.

Abdallahi Al-Arabi, called for the need to continue to accompany the Sahrawi people in the midst of his liberation war and tighten political pressure on the Spanish government to take their responsibilities regarding Western Sahara.


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