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Southtech at Its New Height

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2021 was special for Southtech, and we hate to bid farewell. Yet we have to welcome 2022 and hope for the best to come. So, we thought we would prepare the year in review with all that has been accomplished this year.

We have signed new agreements, teamed up with new partners, our MD & CEO received recognition for his contribution, and Southtech turned 25.

In 2021 the technology sector has reached its new milestone. People have adapted to the new office dynamics. And businesses have integrated cutting-edge software solutions to ease their operations further.

We started 2021 as the previous year. In particular, to maintain safety, Southtech continued to work from home. But this year was easier and effective than that of 2020. At the hike of the pandemic, more and more institutions had to run offices remotely. But it was not easy since we were habituated to the office environment. So, people of all ages struggled to fit into the new normal.

But this year was better since we have already adopted the home office environment. Our people are well trained, know how to use technology and learned to cope with the current demand. More importantly, we have reached a new height despite all the odds. So, let’s walk into our lawn of success this year.  

Celebrated Our Silver Jubilee

Though every year has its significance, this year carries a little more.

Southtech turned 25!

We have celebrated our 25th anniversary in May. To mark the Silver Jubilee, our MD & CEO, Mr. Syed Mamnun Quader described the remarkable journey. In addition, he showed gratitude to all the people involved in making this brand as it is today. 

Starting back in 1996 with just four employees and a vision of a visionary, Southtech is now one of the largest IT service providers in Bangladesh. In this striding journey of 25 years, Southtech has enormously contributed to the growth of the IT sector and achieved numerous milestones.

Southtech’s Achievements in 2021

Achievements contribute to motivation for the future. And 2021 is a wonderful year for Southtech with many such achievements that will motivate our employees in the coming years.  

Southtech has signed new agreements with two foreign and three domestic clients this year. Besides, we have also signed teaming agreements with two Indian tech leaders for technological superiority and regional outreach.     

Here is a glimpse of the few achievements:

Success at Home and Abroad

Directorate of Primary Education (DPE)

Southtech signed an agreement with the Directorate of Primary Education (DPE) to develop a Student Profile Management System (SPMS) this year. DPE is a government body under The Ministry of Primary and Mass Education of Bangladesh. Moreover, it is responsible for monitoring and developing primary education.

DPE signs agreement banner

As part of the agreement, we are responsible for designing and developing web and mobile applications. Moreover, the applications will integrate the CRVS based student profile. Southtech will also provide maintenance and support.  

Northern EZCredit Lending Corporation, Philippines

EZCredit, one of the largest Microfinance organizations from the Philippines, signed an agreement with Southtech in July 2021. To automate their entire operation, they have chosen Southtech’s core banking solution, Ascend Financials.

It is a notable achievement for Southtech beyond the borders. And we are very proud to achieve these feet on foreign soil.

Diversity Microcredit, Kenya

Agreement with Diversity Microcredit is another success for southtech beyond the border this year. Southtech signed an agreement with Diversity Microcredit, Kenya, on 29th September for Ascend Financials. And it is the second African microfinance organization to automate its operation by Southtech.

RDRS Bangladesh

RDRS Bangladesh is a leading microfinance organization in Bangladesh, signed an agreement with Southtech for sKLOUD. Southtech will maintain its server to provide better data security, scalability, and accessibility based on the contract.

sKloud is Southtech’s data centre that provides secured data storage and hosting services to enterprise and corporate clients. Moreover, RDRS’s data is fully secured with our server and maintenance.

Signed Partnership Agreements

The partnership makes every organization stronger. Besides, it helps gain technical superiority and regional outreach. And this year we have become stronger than before with two more partners.

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