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Morocco: Efforts Underway to Rescue Child Who Fell Into Well in Chefchaouen (Official)

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Rabat — Efforts are ongoing to rescue Rayan, a 5-year-old child who fell into a well in the village of Ighrane, in the commune of Tamorot (province of Chefchaouen), said, Thursday, the Minister Delegate in charge of Relations with Parliament, government spokesperson, Mustapha Baitas.

Morocco has all the necessary means of rescue and “we can ask for help if the need arises when it comes to saving the lives of citizens”, undelrined Baitas at a briefing following the meeting of the Government Council.

All available medical means have been mobilized to accompany Rayan, once rescued, and ensure his transfer to the hospital to receive the necessary health care, he assured.

The government has considered this pressing issue and followed an intervention by the Minister of the Interior on this subject that “saddens us all”, he added.

Baitas said that the local relief commissions have drawn up a series of scenarios with the direct follow-up of the Ministers of Health and Interior and under the supervision of the Head of Government.

The first is to widen the diameter of the hole, but the nature of the ground poses a problem with the possible fall of stones into the bottom, which could complicate rescue operations, he explained.

The second scenario which is to get a rescue worker down the well was abandoned after several failed attempts, he said, adding that the last scenario is to consider drilling a hole parallel to the well to get to Rayan.

Recalling that the nature of the ground does not allow the use of some machines which could complicate interventions and that the massive presence of citizens at the scene of the incident further complicates the mission of the rescuers, Baitas assured that rescue teams continue their tireless work to rescue Rayan.

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