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DG ISPR rejects Indian Army chief’s claim on LoC ceasefire

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DG ISPR Major General Babar Iftikhar. File photo
DG ISPR Major General Babar Iftikhar. File photo

Pakistan military spokesperson Major General Babar Iftikhar has categorically rejected the Indian Army chief’s claim that the Line of Control (LoC) ceasefire is holding because they negotiated from a “position of strength”.

In a tweet today, the DG ISPR said it was agreed only due to Pakistan’s concerns for the safety of the people of Kashmir living on both sides of the LoC.

Terming the assertion of the Indian military officer as misleading, Gen Babar Iftikhar said no side should misconstrue it as their strength or other’s weakness.

The statement from the DG ISPR came in response to a comment by India’s top military commander who claimed the credit for maintaining almost a year-long ceasefire along the LOC.

“Ceasefire with Pakistan continues to hold as we negotiated from a position of strength,” Indian Army Chief General Manoj Mukhand Narvane had said on Thursday.

LoC ceasefire

The director-generals of military operations of India and Pakistan, after reviewing the situation along the LOC and all other sectors, had agreed to re-enforce the ceasefire which went into effect from February 25, 2021.

The two DGs of military operations had made hotline contact in the interest of achieving “mutually beneficial and sustainable peace”, a statement by the ISPR had said.

It had said that they agreed to address each other’s core issues and concerns which have the propensity to disturb the peace and lead to violence.

Both sides had agreed for strict observance of all agreements, understandings and cease firing along the LOC and all other sectors.

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