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Türk Telekom and Gaming in Turkey

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Türk Telekom and Gaming in Turkey! Türk Telekom and Gaming in Turkey Gaming and Esports Agency joined forces for a brand new brand that will strengthen the gaming world. Gaming in Turkey Gaming and Esports Agency, which is well known by those who are interested in the world of gaming and esports, added a new one to its successes. Türk Telekom will entrust its brand new game brand to the experience of Gaming in Turkey Gaming and Esports Agency.

Türk Telekon and Gaming in Turkey

Türk Telekom and Gaming in Turkey 2022

The contest organized by Türk Telekom for the creation of a new game brand in the past months has been concluded. Many different agencies from the gaming and esports world left behind a competitive and exciting process to become the official gaming agency of Türk Telekom. The winning side of the competition was Gaming in Turkey, which managed to stand out from its competitors. We will now continue on our way with the pride of being the gaming and esports agency of Türk Telekom, one of the most rooted and powerful brands in Turkey.

Gaming in Turkey stands out in the gaming and esports world as an experienced and successful agency that breaks new ground in the gaming world in Turkey. In addition to its sectoral achievements, the agency is also remembered with the Turkish Gaming Industry Report, which it publishes every year and sheds light on the sector. Working with many national and international big brands and the giants of the game world, Gaming in Turkey will now strengthen Türk Telekom’s power.

Türk Telekom Is Now Stronger In The Gaming World

Türk Telekom’s brand new game brand, which will be created in cooperation with Gaming in Turkey, will take the pulse of the youth, the game world, and the players. Türk Telekom will make a name for itself with its new brand, colorful content from the gaming world, as well as special offers and campaigns for players. Türk Telekom aims to join the esports world with its new brand and to support the esports world with additional sponsorships for the tournaments it will organize under its own name. In addition, collaborations with the popular brands of the gaming world will offer unique opportunities to the players. This new brand, which will be created with the experience of Gaming in Turkey and the power of Türk Telekom, will bring a new breath to the gaming world.

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