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Ghostwire: Tokyo To Release On 25 March

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Half a year ago, we saw the announcement of Ghostwire: Tokyo getting delayed to this year of 2022. No dates were provided at the time. But now, according to a scheduled video on the PlayStation YouTube channel, that date is 25 March.

VGC cites the video in question, which premiers on 4 February at 6AM local time. It’s titled Ghostwire: Tokyo – February 2022 Official Showcase | PS5, and just beneath the title, we see the line “launching 25 March 2022 on PlayStation 5”. Naturally, there’s also the call to pre-order for bonus content.

The bonus content in question involves two pieces of cosmetics. Then there’s the deluxe edition of Ghostwire: Tokyo, which gives three days of early access, making it so that you can play the game on 22 March instead. There’s three more pieces of bonus content here too. Of the three, two of them are cosmetics, and one is a bonus weapon.

It should be worth noting at this point that Ghostwire: Tokyo is a PS5 exclusive. And it’s likely one of the last games by Tango Gameworks which will be on the PlayStation platform. After all, its parent is Bethesda, which is now part of Microsoft and Xbox following the acquisition of Zenimax Media.

(Source: PlayStation / YouTube via VGC)

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