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Exclusive! Nishant Bhat: I don’t regret walking away with 10 lakh rupees from Bigg Boss

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Choreographer Nishant Bhat, who was among the top five in Bigg Boss 15, walked away with a briefcase of Rs 10 lakh, and he says that he doesn’t regret that. He says, “I anyway never thought that I would reach this far, so I was happy to leave with the suitcase of money. Even during the OTT version of Bigg Boss last year, I didn’t think that I would end up being the first runner-up. I believe in putting in my best, jeet ki baat baad mein aati hai.”

Talking about Tejasswi Prakash’s win, he says, “Everyone has had a different journey. If the audience has chosen Tejasswi, then so be it. If you ask me, personally, I feel Pratik Sehajpal should have won the show, but even Tejasswi is my friend, so it is alright.”

Bigg Boss has changed the lives of many contestants and Nishant feels his career will also get a boost now. “Honestly, I have won reality shows, which were all dance-based with kids. I have completed many years in the industry and people knew me through my work. But now they also know the person that I am,” he says.

Nishant has always thought that he was not a very emotional person, but this show has changed his perception of himself. He shares, “I have had experiences in life due to which I thought that I had become less emotional. But in the house, I realised that I am an extremely emotional person. I also got to know how many hidden talents I have, especially when I cooked food for 15 people. I have more self-control now and will be able to handle situations much better.”

Commenting on the support he got from choreographer Geeta Kapur, he says, “I always call her ma’am because she is my mentor. I have worked with her as a background dancer in many shows. She was also the judge of the shows that I have been a part of. She has always appreciated my work and we have a special bond.”

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