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Sjain Ventures and its movement that enables big companies to ride the wave of technology

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New Delhi [India], November 18 (ANI/SRV): Sjain Ventures began its journey with the simple idea of improving customer experience and making it better. It’s a technology-based startup that connects the core parts of an e-commerce experience to help clients engage, inspire and convert consumers.

When the company was founded in 2009, neither social media networks nor the eCommerce industry was as sophisticated as they are now.

The internet, on the other hand, was fast evolving. For founders Shreyansh Jain and Divya Jain, who were witnessing the rise of Saas, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML)Blockchain, this period opened an opportunity to grow in the then-developing commerce cloud space.

Both the directors planned to bring emerging technologies to the field of advertising to drive sales for customers. This idea led to the launch of Sjain Ventures, years before the internet penetrated every aspect of daily life.

Sjain Ventures offers a Cloud-based system that can be accessed from anywhere and from any device. We connect the dots between the core parts of the commerce experience to drive sales. Within the cloud, we provide different high technology products.

“At the time, my view was that no one wanted to go online because they wanted to watch commercials. They went online because they wanted great experiences. So what if we could harness that class of technology and make every digital experience absolutely amazing, and also make it on-point with what people were seeking,” says Shreyansh Jain.

Sjain Ventures offers a Cloud-based system that can be accessed from anywhere and from any device. We connect the dots between the core parts of the commerce experience to drive sales. Within the cloud, we provide different high technology products.

Aggregator SystemSjain is building aggregator platforms for businesses where they give clients a white-label solution to help them manage their services/products and drive sales. The offering will be technology-based on Saas. Bringing the businesses together is a simple task with eCommerce aggregators. Aggregators provide an easy way to browse different products from sellers or service providers all over the country on one website.

This platform also connects different service providers with their customers but under one brand. In this model, service providers are not employees of the business and they have full freedom to reject or accept the order for service.

Since the aggregator platform organizes the related unorganized services in one commonplace, it makes money by attracting more clients to utilise their platform to access those services. Some of the aggregator products are Food delivery, Classified, E-Commerce, Car Services and Rental Services, Wallet, Job Portal, Wedding Portal, Property Portal, and News Portal.

Game scoring recognitionThe sensor data during physical activities may be remotely recorded, with the hep of video, radar, or other wireless methods. Alternately, data may be recorded directly on the subject such as by carrying custom hardware or smartphones that have accelerometers and gyroscopes. Game scoring (HAR) is one such project based on Deep Learning.

Human activity recognition (HAR) is a vast topic of study that focuses on identifying a person’s individual movement or action based on sensor data. It is a process of identifying, analyzing and interpreting which kind of actions a person is taking. Depending on the systems, 20 joints are usually considered to define the human body.

Vehicle Inspection systemArtificial Intelligence is proving to be a game-changer, with a plethora of applications in practically every field.It is now making its way into the area of inspection and checks, allowing it to harness the power of deep learning and in doing so, providing automation that is faster, cheaper and more superior.

The vehicle inspection system is an automated system for vehicles, powered by artificialintelligenceand proprietary hardware.As the vehicle moves from point to point along the Automotive Lifecycle, Sjain Ventures’ deep learning AI platform analyses high-quality, multi-angle images to identify any issues and create objective documentation of the vehicle. The service comprises In-line inspection, assembly line final inspection, pre-delivery inspection, tyre inspection, and automatic inspection throughout the life cycle of the vehicle.

Digital Wallet and ExchangeIndia is now seeing an upward push in investors’ and consumers’ beliefs in crypto. In fact, in August it is revealed that India ranks second when it comes to global crypto adoption in 2021, second to only Vietnam. The price of crypto varied slightly across exchanges, based on supply and demand. If customers desired to get higher returns from the market, in particular at scale, selecting the proper exchange performed a crucial role. Sjain set to construct an aggregator of crypto exchanges, one that produced real-time data on the best prices and exchanges for a certain cryptocurrency to be traded.

Most crypto exchanges charge a transaction fee, but Sjain’s product will be more of an aggregator. It will not charge users directly, Instead, it will act as a maker (making buy/sell orders for users and so creating liquidity) and negotiate transaction costs with crypto exchanges. The users will be given a fixed price, and the backend will aggregate supply. The income will come from our execution engine. However, as new inventions and regulations become available, revenue models may change.

Shreyansh further adds, “Simple and intuitive nature of the product will work since users needed simplicity in the crypto world and our goal is to make crypto easy to understand and accessible for the Indian masses.”Funding and futureBy tracking the company’s valuation: 18million dollars (135 crore rupees), the company received a tranche of investment as a neighbourhood of pre-series-A funding from investors: The Mumbai – Dubai based investor has made an investment of $500,000.

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