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Former PCB CEO Wasim Khan rejects reports of enjoying hefty perks

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Pakistan Cricket Boards (PCB) former chief executive Wasim Khan. Photo: file
Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) former chief executive Wasim Khan. Photo: file  

ISLAMABAD: Rejecting a report about enjoying alleged hefty perks and high salary during his stint with the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) former CEO Wasim Khan said it is “This is grossly exaggerated and inflated”.

“An article was published in the Daily Jang very recently stating that I received $900 in daily allowances on England tours and $600 on other tours,” he wrote. 

Reacting to the report, the former PCB CEO said, “The figures quoted are frankly ridiculous.”

“This is grossly exaggerated and inflated and has been put out there to malign me,” he added.

 Wasim Khan said that he, in his first two years, he did not even claim $40,000 in expenses that he was rightfully due in line with the PCB’s policy.

He said, “This was my choice not to accept it.”  

‘Spent sleepless nights for resumption of int’l cricket’

A day earlier, Wasim Khan had written a note after stepping down from his post, saying he came to the country with a commitment to improve the global image of Pakistan and worked hard to bring international cricket.

In a post on LinkedIn, Wasim Khan had said, “Unfortunately my time at the Pakistan Cricket Board has come to an end.”

“As a British Pakistani and a former professional cricketer, I committed to moving to Pakistan just under 3 years ago, so that I could contribute to improving the global image of the PCB and the country. My aim was to contribute to the betterment of the game under the spotlight of a cricket crazed nation of 220 million people,” he had written.

Highlighting the challenges he faced during his tenure at the PCB, Wasim Khan said that bringing International cricket back, mixed in with sleepless nights dealing with crisis management, or averting a potential crisis, and navigating through highly politically charged situations were just part and parcel of the exhilaration that came with the role.

The former PCB boss had said he made real-time judgement calls and got some decisions wrong but being at peace with himself during intense media scrutiny following decisions allowed him to deal with what he didn’t get right in an honest way.

“I am grateful that my experiences taught me the art of peripheral vision and helped me to develop political intelligence,” he had said.

“In a couple of weeks’ time when I fly out of Lahore, heading back to England, I know that I will feel nothing but gratitude and love for the fans of Pakistan who embraced and supported me throughout my time,” he added.

“To a beautiful country full of generous and loving people, thank you for the memories. It has been an honour to have served you,” the PCB former CEO concluded.

What perks did ex-PCB chief Wasim Khan enjoy?

The report, however, claimed that Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) former chief executive, Wasim Khan, had reportedly been drawing a monthly salary of Rs2.6 million and enjoying hefty perks.

According to the report, Khan was brought to the PCB with an attractive salary package and full powers.

During foreign tours, the former PCB CEO was given a $600 daily allowance. When in England, this daily allowance was increased to $900.

Sources said that Wasim Khan is a close friend of an influential cricketer. The ex-CEO often spoke publicly about his personal relations with senior officials of the ECB and the cricket boards of other countries during the last two years. He suffered a big blow when New Zealand and England canceled their Pakistan tours.

He always said that foreign teams were visiting Pakistan due to his personal relations with the senior officials of other cricket boards.

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