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Tom Brady’s 40-yard dash: Buccaneers QB ran a legendarily slow time at 2000 NFL Combine

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Tom Brady was blessed with many things. Speed was not one of them.

The Buccaneers quarterback returns to where it all began on Sunday, when the Buccaneers face off against Bill Belichick and the Patriots in Foxborough. But before the Brady era began in New England, it actually began in Indianapolis at the 2000 NFL Combine, where this picture was born and burned into the back of our eyeballs for eternity:

While the Buccaneer passer has cemented himself as the GOAT, he certainly isn’t the most athletically gifted quarterback of all time. That much is clear.

Still, the lack of mobility hasn’t hindered him — thought it has made for some really good content. Here’s what you need to know about Tommy Tortoise’s legendary slowness:

Tom Brady 40-yard dash time

Brady has never been known for being a speedy quarterback, and that was verified by the 2000 NFL Combine 40-yard dash time, with a 5.28 posting in the sprint.

The Michigan Wolverine posted the second-slowest time for a quarterback at the combine, behind Chris Redman out of Louisville. In total, Brady’s time was the 31st slowest among combine attendees, behind a bevy of offensive linemen.

Here are the totals among combine-participating quarterbacks in the 2000 NFL Combine:

Quarterback Time (Seconds) College NFL Selection (Round)
Chris Redman 5.37 Louisville Ravens No. 75 (3)
Tom Brady 5.28 Michigan Patriots No. 199 (6)
Todd Husak 5.20 Stanford Washington No. 202 (6)
Bill Burke 5.03 Michigan State Undrafted
Tim Lester 5.02 Western Michigan Undrafted
Travis Brown 5.01 Northern Arizona Undrafted
Marc Bulger 4.97 West Virginia Saints No. 168 (6)
Chris Chaloupka 4.96 SMU Undrafted
Doug Johnson 4.95 Florida Undrafted
Kevin Feterik 4.92 BYU Undrafted
Tim Rattay 4.91 Louisiana Tech 49ers No. 212 (7)
Spergon Wynn 4.91 Texas State Browns No. 183 (6)
Joe Hamilton 4.81 Georgia Tech Buccaneers 234 (7)
Chad Pennington 4.81 Marshall Jets No. 18 (1)
Leon Murray 4.75 Tennessee State Undrafted
Giovanni Carmazzi 4.74 Hofstra 49ers No. 65 (3)
Jarious Jackson 4.68 Notre Dame Broncos No. 214 (7)
Tee Martin 4.58 Tennessee Steelers No. 163 (5)

Brady’s time is also historic, in that he’s one of the slowest quarterbacks to clock a 40-yard dash time in recorded combine history.

Of all the QBs between 2000 and 2021 who have or have not played in the NFL, Brady’s is the second slowest time behind former teammate Ryan Mallett (5.37), Toby Korrodi (5.37), Redman (5.37), tied with Jared Lorenzen (5.28).

Tom Brady rushing stats

A prototypical pocket passer, the opportunities for Brady to show off his legs have been few and far between.

In his career, Brady has amassed 1,063 rushing yards across 640 regular-season carries, good for 1.7 yards per attempt and 26 touchdowns. Famously known for being the master of the QB sneak, Brady has notched a first down on the ground 221 times in his career.

Brady’s longest career rush came against the Bengals in 2006, a 22-yard first-down scramble. 

In the playoffs, Brady hasn’t had as much success — however you define it — on the ground. In 45 career postseason games, the quarterback has 133 yards on the ground, seven touchdowns and 35 first downs. 

Tom Brady NFL Combine results

Aside from Brady’s blazing speed, he participated — and showed out pretty well — at every NFL Combine event in 2000 but one (bench press). 

In fact, Brady had a pretty good showing in some of the events. Here are the results:

Event Result Rank among QBs
40-yard dash 4.58s 16th (of 17)
Vertical leap 24.5 in. 12th (of 12)
Broad jump 99 in. 12th (of 15)
3-cone drill 7.20s 4th (of 11)
Shuttle run 4.38s 6th (of 11)

Brady’s 7.20 second 3-cone drill time is actually a better mark than Jordan Love (7.21), Daunte Culpepper (7.21), Matt Ryan (7.40) and Aaron Rodgers (7.38).  

Speed kills, after all.

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