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Shakira Attacked by Wild Boars While Visiting Park With 8-Year-Old Son

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Those wild boars should have known not to mess with a She Wolf.

On Wednesday, Sept. 29, Shakira took to social media and described an afternoon in a Barcelona park with her 8-year-old son Milan. Instead of horsing around on a playground or playing in the grass, the mother-son duo ran into some unexpected animals.

“Look at how two wild boar, which attacked me in the park, have left my bag,” Shakira shared on Instagram Stories. “They were taking my bag to the woods with my mobile phone in it. They’ve destroyed everything.”

While both Shakira and her son appear to be safe after the incident, the ordeal didn’t come to an end without a fight. “Milan tell the truth,” the Grammy winner added. “Say how your mummy stood up to the wild boar.”‘

Shakira’s encounter with the wild boars became a trending topic on Twitter with many fans and followers sounding off on the wild story.

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