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gaming mattress: Move over gaming chairs, a ‘gaming mattress’ has been announced

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Dedicated and professional gamers know the importance of gaming peripherals. A lot of times, they help their owners chalk up a victory by a slight margin if the competition is going neck to neck. Until now, gaming chairs, desks and related setups were seen as some of the costly items when it came to gaming peripherals. Now, a ‘gaming mattress’ has been announced in Japan with an aim to help you play games more comfortably in bed.
The product is called just “Gaming Mattress,” which comprises a “high-quality urethane mattress that supports the sleeping environment of gamers” and is currently being made by Bauhutte, maker of gaming furniture like gaming desks and chairs, as per a report by GameRant. But it will only be a Japan-exclusive launch for now.

The gaming mattress will come in three sizes: Single, Semi-double, and Double, with a starting price of $250. Bauhutte has also included images of how the gaming mattress is supposed to be used with your gaming setup, with room for desks and shelves to place around the mattress.
The novelty factor could work for Bauhutte here because Japan is a gaming-obsessed country. So much so that at the recently held Olympics, teams were given their own music themes during the opening ceremony, all of them taken from video games. Some of the featured themes at the opening ceremony included Dragon Quest “Roto’s Theme”, Monster Hunter series “Proof of a Hero”, Ace Combat “First Flight”, Kingdom Hearts “Olympus Coliseum”, Final Fantasy “Victory Fanfare”, Chrono Trigger “Frog’s Theme” and Tales of series “Sorey’s Theme – The Shepherd”.

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