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Eli Manning gives Eagles fans taste of their own medicine with double bird on ‘MNF,’ then apologizes

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All those years of being booed and heckled in Philadelphia while playing for the Giants finally got to Eli Manning.

The two-time Super Bowl champion and his brother Peyton were hosting their latest MegaCast edition of “Monday Night Football,” and they, with guest and former Eagles defensive lineman Chris Long, recalled what it was like playing in Philly.

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Manning faced the Eagles 31 times in his career and was 10-21 against them, with 54 touchdown passes to 34 interceptions, so he had his fair share of run-ins with their fans.

It only makes sense, then, that Manning would jokingly show what happened to him and return the favor to all those watching at home.

(Warning: Obscene gesture.)

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A few moments later, Manning apologized for the gesture, saying he was unaware it was “frowned upon.”

Of course, Manning’s gesture and apology made the rounds. Even one of his ESPN colleagues got in on the fun.

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During his career with New York, Manning was known for his folksy personality and charm, so for him to finally let loose and dish it as well as he took it was a far cry from his playing persona.

Fans of the ManningCast will have to wait another month to see the brothers in action again (Week 7, Saints-Seahawks). Who knows what antics they might be up to between now and then or plan for upon their return? 

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