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Elon Musk has an exciting news for Tesla car owners

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Tesla has finally rolled out a long-awaited software update that lets owners request access to its controversial Full Self-Driving package, also called FSD package. The news of the update was shared by Tesla CEO himself on Twitter where he said “FSD Beta request button goes live tonight, but FSD 10.1 needs another 24 hours of testing, so out tomorrow night.” Few selected users were already granted access to the FSD Beta software for testing purposes.
The release of the update marks one of those rare occasions where Musk adheres to his deadline as he promised about the update last week when he replied to a Twitter user saying “Beta button will request permission to assess driving behavior using the Tesla insurance calculator. If driving behavior is good for 7 days, beta access will be granted.”
The FSD package includes an active guidance system, ‘Navigate on Autopilot’ feature, parking feature called ‘Summon’ and many other features that standard Tesla cars miss out on. Although the company has characterised FSD Beta features as a Level 2 drivers assistance system, videos posted by testers show cars driving on streets and highways without any human intervention. The company aims to deliver a true Level 5 drivers assistance system.
This controversial package update was first promised by Elon Musk six months ago. “Build 8.3 of FSD should be done QA testing by end of next week, so that’s roughly when download button should show up [SIC],” said Musk in March.
FSD package has been available as an option for Tesla buyers for quite some time. The price of the package has steadily increased as the new functions were included. In July, Tesla also launched the FSD subscription package for $199 per month.

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