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Data Centre in Bangladesh is Safest for Your Business

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The data centre in Bangladesh is the safest option for domestic businesses. And it is not just a concept. We will learn how your company data and everything else is safe with a domestic hosting provider.

Since the internet revolution, we have been fully dependent on foreign hosting providers. But the data security remains vulnerable. Your HR data and other business information are hosted under a foreign hosting provider. Thus it involves considerable risks and limited benefits. On the other hand, hosting your data in a Bangladeshi data centre has several benefits, including favourable government policies.

Possibilities of Data Centre in Bangladesh

The internet user base in Bangladesh is increasing at a rapid rate. Currently, there are more than 115 million internet subscribers and growing. Additionally, the financial development of the nation is another driving factor for the internet revolution.

According to TechJury,

People worldwide created 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day in 2020. In 2025, the daily data generation will stand at 463 exabytes worldwide.

As part of this internet movement, citizens, government bodies, and private sectors are generating a massive amount of data every day. By 2025, Bangladesh alone will create several exabytes of data every day.

Better opportunities

So what do these statistics and crazy growth projection indicates?

Bangladesh needs its own data centres to fulfil the demand and for the safekeeping of its valuable data. Besides, the future cyberwar is another considerable threat to your data security. And in consideration to the future possibilities, data centre in Bangladesh is the best decision for every business.

There is a huge opportunity for businesses investing in data centres as well. In future, Bangladeshi companies will store their data at home for better securities. So it is a good business opportunity.

Why Data Centre in Bangladesh is the Safest?

People often ask, is a data centre in Bangladesh safe?

Choosing a data centre in Bangladesh has countless benefits. And every business operating in Bangladesh should avail of those benefits without a second thought.

1. Keeping Your Company Data Home

Storing your information in a data centre in Bangladesh means keeping it at home. And your home is the most secure place to keep something precious. Your company information, like your HR and eCommerce data, is very important.

Keeping your data at home

Keeping such important data away involves some risks. The risk includes delay access time in a critical situation when operating in Bangladesh. If you consider a global emergency or cyberwar, your data is vulnerable to foreign hosting providers. So, we can consider a good Bangladeshi data centre as an ideal home for our information.

2. Favourable Government Policies

Government policies are constantly changing due to international political tension. Thus, the data centre in Bangladesh is the best option for businesses. For example, your company’s HR data is a government concern since citizens are involved. What if the government prefers your data to be stored in a Bangladeshi data centre? Or government introduce any law that suggests eCommerce use a data centre in Bangladesh. This way, you can be relaxed.

In addition to the user data concern, data centres can also expand faster than other companies. One of the reasons is, the government facilitates the IT sector more than anything else. Currently, the Government of Bangladesh encourages investment in the IT sector by tax exemptions and repatriation of capital.

3. Better Accountability

A data centre in Bangladesh is the safest!

Domestic service providers come with better accountability than foreign service providers. People often complain about losing data due to their backup failure. Anytime they run into trouble, their service providers are less cooperative in this matter. Even some require payment to regain data. And all this happens because of poor accountability.

But when you store your data on a server run by a Bangladeshi data centre, data loss is hardly possible. Because they are operating in Bangladesh, they can be held accountable for any unexpected issues like data loss.

4. Better Accessibility 

At a certain time, your IT team may require some specific data modification. And that level of quick accessibility is only possible if contacted immediately. When we store our data on a foreign server, we often miss the opportunity for quick access. If any system falls into trouble, we send a request to the support team. But mostly, it takes days to get the reply back. Even for some issues, you need to create tickets and it takes longer to solve the problem. Eventually, you are damaging your business.  

What if you had it hosted on a data centre in Bangladesh?

There is no doubt that you could call anytime, and the service provider is at your service as quickly as possible. You even have the opportunity to get your work done during your calling time. So, no more waiting for your data-related problems.

5. No Payment Difficulties

Payment difficulty is a big problem for most Bangladeshis who want to purchase a hosting plan. Most of us do not have dual-currency cards. Besides, big corporations need to buy more extensive plans for their businesses. Purchasing a yearly or even extended plan cost a staggering amount. Due to the foreign currency credit limit, most dual-currency cards provided by Bangladeshi banks cannot cover that amount.

No payment difficulty

On the other hand, there is no payment difficulty if you host your business or individual information in a data centre in Bangladesh. Even if you don’t have cards, you can purchase with other payment methods. Forget about other purchase methods; pay them in cash. Isn’t it more convenient?

6. Cost-Effective

Despite better service and better security, data centres in Bangladesh cost way less than their foreign counterparts. Some might think cheap service comes with a low price, but that’s wrong. The foreign data centres charge you based on their purchase power. For example, Netflix has not opened their branch in Bangladesh yet. Therefore, the streaming plans are the same as the US. But Indians can purchase the plans cheaper because Netflix registered itself in India. Similarly, when you purchase hosting from Bangladeshi data centres, the cost becomes affordable.

A data centre in Bangladesh brings enormous opportunities for the ever-growing internet world. It benefits individuals and companies by providing secured, government-compliant, and cost-effective data storage. Now it’s your choice if you want to have all those benefits or live with the risk of data loss.  

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