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The Crew: Orlando May Be A Standalone Game

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Ubisoft sent out a takedown notice to SteamDB creator Pavel Djundik for his upload of the Nvidia GeForce Now software list. Among those in the list that has the French publisher’s name attached is one Project ORLANDO, which is thought to be DLC for The Crew 2. Now, it looks like there’s a chance that it will be its own standalone game.

Video games leaker Tom Henderson has shared details on the title on Twitter. As mentioned, he claims that Project ORLANDO is more than just DLC. Instead, it will be a new game called simply The Crew: Orlando. Being a new game, it will also feature a new driving engine.

That being said, it will be awhile before the game is ready for any sort of announcement. Henderson claims that the game is still currently in pre-alpha stages, and with no set release date.

All things considered, it makes more sense that if there was a new entry to The Crew as a series, it’s probably as a new game. The Crew 2 was released back in 2018, making it four years old now. If it were to get another DLC, it would be the getting it next year, in its fifth year, which is a long support time for a game. A new game would make more sense, especially now that the gap between now and the release of the first game is the same as the gap between the release of The Crew 1 and 2.

(Source: Tom Henderson / Twitter via GamesRadar+. Image: Ubisoft)

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