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5 things you may not be doing to get more followers, likes on Instagram

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Instagram is a social media platform that most of the people who are reading this article must have tried. Instagram may not be liked by everyone but a lot of people are still hooked on double tapping and swiping on the app. It’s an addiction and it grows over time. People are not only attracted to what other users have posted, but are keen to get attention to their content as well. While users are slowly becoming aware about different ways to get traction on their social media profiles, we have compiled a list of ways that can help users to optimise their Instagram account to get more content engagement.
Add hashtags to your posts
Hashtags can help you get the attention of users with similar interests and with the right hashtag your content has more chances to be visible or to get featured on the Trending page. It is always recommended to add multiple hashtags related to your post to reach a huge audience.
Write relevant information in your bio
Don’t leave your Instagram bio blank. You should have pertinent information about your account in your bio as that is the first thing visible to any user that lands on your profile. Your bio should be clear and should be unique enough to get the attention of any potential follower.
Keep a track of likes, views and comments
Once you change your personal Instagram profile into a creator account, you get a variety of tools and a professional dashboard to track engagements with your account. These tools help you understand what kind of content your followers prefer and which posts get the most engagement. You need to study your account in order to optimise it.
How long you post’s caption should be
Captions are another key area that you should keep in mind before you post anything. Caption length works differently depending on the number of followers your account has. As per a study, big accounts with more than a million followers get more engagement with posts without any caption and small accounts with up to 10,000 followers saw better engagement when 50 characters caption was added in the posts. Emojis in your caption also impact the likes or views your content gets. It is advised that you should add emojis in your caption before you post anything.
Use alt text feature before posting anything
This is a feature that not many people are aware about. Instagram lets users add alternative texts that describe their content before they share it online. This feature can be accessed by going into the advanced settings option just before posting something. Alternative text helps Instagram’s algorithm understand what your content is about and for which users the post is relevant for.

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