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Intellasia East Asia News – Chinese Mooncakes Experience Booming Sales in the US with Great Acclaim from Local Consumers

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BEIJING and LOS ANGELES, Sept. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — A news report from CRI Online:

“I like it though.” “It tastes like peanuts or some other kinds of nuts inside.” “It’s really good. I don’t like coconut much but, hey, I think this is really good.” “Tasty!” … As some passers-by commented when they were randomly interviewed by a CRI Online report after tasting Chinese mooncakes on street in Los Angeles near the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. Among all the varieties of Chinese mooncakes that were sampled, it was the Suzhou- and Cantonese-style ones that got the best “ratings”.

The reporter also trolled the aisles of several local supermarkets in Los Angeles where a wide range of Chinese mooncakes could be found, including the popular Suzhou- and Cantonese-style ones. Most notably, those from Suzhou Dao Xiang Cun, an established traditional pastry manufacturer in China, were particularly eye-catching. Hana Sun, an employee at Suzhou Dao Xiang Cun’s L.A.-area outpost, said that in recent years, Mid-Autumn Festival has been starting to catch the attention of shoppers worldwide, reflected in the robust growth of the firm’s pastry sales in the US. Most notably, beyond the members of the many Chinese communities across the US who regularly celebrate the holiday, many Americans are starting to show an interest in the product and are choosing to make their purchase from the Chinese pastry supplier so that they can also experience the special day. As a result, Suzhou Dao Xiang Cun has established a footprint in the US market with sales there doubling annually over the past few years.

Suzhou Dao Xiang Cun, founded in 1773, has been doing business under the Chinese pastry brand Dao Xiang Cun for 248 years. Today, the firm has evolved into a world-famous food enterprise group with its products exported to over 40 countries and regions worldwide. The company’s sales in markets outside China are expected to reach 130 million yuan (approx. $USD 20.1 million) in 2021.

To expand its business internationally, in particular in the US, Suzhou Dao Xiang Cun has studied food laws and regulations of many markets in order to develop innovative, delicious pastry products that are compliant with the food standards of every country and region where the company plans to market its goods while meeting the dietary and lifestyle expectations of local consumers, in addition to improving its production process and the quality of its products.

Mooncake is a microcosm of the extensive and profound Chinese food culture. Despite their relatively small size, Dao Xiang Cun mooncakes, now available worldwide, reflect the longing that many members of overseas Chinese communities’ continue to feel for their hometown, but also provide an opportunity for food connoisseurs worldwide to learn about Chinese food culture and the traditional Chinese holiday.


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