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Visiting Gran Canaria, Canary Islands: Things to Know and Where to Go

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Gran Canaria is known for its contrasting personalities when it comes to the landscapes and accommodating feel it has. This is a very popular holiday destination in the Canary Islands and for good reason. Plenty of beautiful beaches but also lots of greenery and nature to explore. Who would have thought that you could experience mountainous regions, pine forests, volcanic craters, and incredible cliffs?

Not only do you have some wonderful resorts to explore with lots of bars and restaurants, but you also have cute fishing villages that are oozing with charm. It not only has great beaches, but you will also find cultural and recreational locations with lots of sporting opportunities. From water sports to hiking and golfing, there is something for everyone.  

There are some wonderful locations to visit in Gran Canaria, here are some of the popular tourist hotspots that you may want to consider:

  • Las Palmas
  • Maspalomas 
  • Puerto Rico De Gran Canaria
  • Agaete
  • Mogan
  • Tejeda
  • Telde
  • Taurito
  • Puerto de las Nuevos
  • Bahia Feliz
  • Pasito Blanco

Best times to visit Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria, like the other Canary Islands, has a subtropical climate. This means that it has hot summers and mild winters and you can expect year-round sunshine. 

The best thing is that you can visit Gran Canaria at any time of the year and have the confidence that the weather will be decent. However, if you are wanting hot temperatures then the best time to travel there would be between June and September. 

The hottest month to visit would is August where temperatures can reach 31c. The coolest month to visit would be February, where the top temperatures could reach 22c, which is still extremely warm in comparison to some other places. 

Things to do while you are in Gran Canaria 

There are some amazing places to visit in Gran Canaria. One of the most popular locations has to be Maspalomas. This is seen as the party capital of the island and is popular with the younger crowd. However, even if that isn’t your scene the location is still incredibly beautiful. There are some other fabulous things to do while you are in Gran Canaria. Here are some of the options that you might want to consider. 

Roque Nublo

Climbing this area will give you the most fascination and 360-degree views of the whole island. The 80m tall rock is almost at the centre of the island and it is a protected rock. The hike itself to get there will give you some lovely views and the scenery is picturesque. While you may want to enjoy a beach holiday if you do one thing, then you need to head here and capture the memory. 

Pozo Izquierdo 

If you like windsurfing then this is the one place to visit. It will give you incredible waves. However, if you are not an experienced surfer or water sports enthusiast this is the ideal place to learn and give it a try. There are many teaching schools and groups that you can join so that you can tick something off the bucket list. 


It may be that during your holidays you like the opportunity to see new places and experience the older charm. Vegueta can give you the chance to see some of the most beautiful architecture. The Cathedral Santa Ana is the focal point of the town, and surrounding it you have traditional bars and restaurants serving tapas. Another beautiful location is the Casa De Colon, where it is rumoured that Christopher Columbus stayed there in 1942. It is a great example of the renaissance period. 

Sample Arechus Rum in Arucus

Arechus rum is a much loved and traditional drink created on the island of Gran Canaria. The island has a long history of growing sugar cane, the liquor is sweetened with the honey from the sugar cane. The distillery is in the Arucus, and the tours are great, especially as you get to try different samples and flavours. It could be a lovely thing to do with your partner if you are away without the kids. Well worth a visit if you like your liquor. 

Special items that can be found on the island of Gran Canaria

There are few things that you may find on Tenerife that are unique to the island, or the Canary Islands specifically. 

Food items 

Canarian potatoes are a dish you might try when heading to Gran Canaria. Traditionally they are grown on the island these are small potatoes that are boiled in salty water, this used to be seawater. They are served with their skin on with Mojo sauce. 

Mojo Sauce is another traditional Canarian food and you can get a red or green version. The red one is made from red pepper and garlic and the green one is made from coriander and parsley. 

Rancho Canaria is a traditional soup that is extremely hearty and filling. So much so that your soup should be able to stand up within it and be fully supported because it is so thick. 

Pollo al Salmorejo is another traditional dish that you may find. It is checked that is marinated in white wine, cumin, and other spices. 

Other items you might find

Gran Canaria, and the Canary Islands generally, are very well-known for their aloe vera plants and products. The plants grow on the island and they have been turned into all sorts of products perfect for daily use. 

Getting around the island

The great thing about Gran Canaria is that although it is the largest of the Canary Islands, you can easily drive around the island by car. Hiring a car is simple and you can access some of the other remote locations that you may want to consider that you might not ordinarily be able to get to on public transport. 

You can also easily access buses that are frequently running between some of the popular resort locations and the capital. Taxis are easily accessible in resort centres and very reasonable in price. 

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