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Abu Dhabi entry policy relaxed for those that are vaccinated

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The Alhosn E and Star privileges have been reinstated…

Effective tomorrow, Friday August 20, 2021 — the Abu Dhabi Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Committee has announced a series of updates, relaxing entry requirements for fully vaccinated individuals to the emirate by road.

Those with a Green Status and an active E in their Alshosn app — that is those people that have received both doses of a UAE-approved vaccine more than 28 days ago, and have received a negative PCR result within the last seven days; and those with a Star — individuals that have completed their part in the Abu Dhabi vaccine trials more than 28 days ago and have had a negative PCR result within the last seven days — will be permitted access to Abu Dhabi via the road borders.

And importantly, no further PCR testing is required if remaining in the emirate.

The previous rule tightening in July 2021, restricted road entry to within 48 hours of a negative PCR test, with obliged testing on later days depending on vaccination status.

The DPI rules remain unchanged — entry within 24 hours, tests on day three and seven (day of arrival is day one), DPI test cannot be used to enter Abu Dhabi consecutive times (if you did a DPI test last time, you need to do a PCR the next time).

If you have travelled abroad within the last 10 days and are attempting to enter the emirate of Abu Dhabi by road, you must follow the same rules as those intending to enter Abu Dhabi by air.

What if I’m unvaccinated?

These rules also remain unchanged.

You’ll need to be able to show a negative PCR test obtained within 48 hours of attempted entry, displayed on the Alhosn app.

Those entering with a PCR test must retake a PCR test on day four of entry for those staying four days of more. An additional PCR test must be taken on day eight for those staying eight days or more.

Remember if you’re unvaccinated, over 16 and without a verified Alhosn exception, you will not be permitted entry to almost all public spaces under new Green Pass rules.

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This change is effective immediately.

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