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What to See in Cagliari, Sardinia

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Cagliari is the capital of the island of Sardinia in Italy, and has become one of the most popular destinations to visit in Sardinia.

While it’s a popular summer holiday destination, many don’t know that it’s actually an amazing destination to visit year round. No matter when you visit, among the top list of what to see in Cagliari features many outdoor spots.

And, what’s better than enjoying some fresh air? So, here are five outdoor places to visit in Cagliari, Sardinia!

What to see in Cagliari, Sardinia Italy
What to see in Cagliari, Sardinia Italy

5 Outdoor Places to Visit in Cagliari

If you happen to be in Cagliari and you forgot to buy a guide book, then here are 5 outdoor spots it’s worth seeing in the city! Here’s what to see in Cagliari in the great outdoors!

1. Poetto beach

Whether you go to Cagliari in summer or in winter, you need to go to “Su Poettu” (as we call it in Sardinian!!!). This is the main beach in Cagliari, and being about 8 km long, half of it is actually territory of Quartu S. Elena.

Along Su Poettu there are many bars, services companies and facilities, which are open throughout the year. Here locals go all year long. In winter usually during the day to have lunch, a coffee, watch football matches and have a chat with friends enjoying the sun and the beautiful view. In summer all day long; during the day to get tanned, swim and chill out, and at nigh it becomes a nightlife hot spot, with clubs, cocktail bars and restaurants.

Cagliari Sardinia beaches
Poetto beach in Cagliari

2. Bastione St. Remy

Address: Costituzione Sq.

The Bastione is an old fortification built between the end of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century. It’s located in the old part of the city, and being pretty high you can admire from it all the city and the harbour. The view is really beautiful from here. On the first floor there is an indoor zone, where usually exhibitions are held. On the top floors there is the outdoor zone, where you can find some cafeterias, or you can just sit down on the benches, have a walk, and enjoy the view. A great place to take pictures of the city with an amazing view on the sea!

3. Yenne Sq.

Address: at the end of Largo Carlo Felice coming from Roma St.

This is one of the main squares of the city, located in the very center of the city. This spot is very busy being at the intersection of four of the main streets of the city. There are many bars, restaurants and cafeterias which put tables and chairs outside, so you can enjoy a hot chocolate or a good espresso sitting in the square itself. Although it is populated all year long, it is in summer that it becomes a nightlife hot spot, and it gets very busy with locals and tourists. Here you can sit down and observe the city, or taste one of the best ice-creams of the city!

4. Marina Piccola

Address: beginning of Lungomare Poetto

This is a small touristic harbour located at the beginning of Poetto beach on Cagliari’s side, right underneath the spectacular hill called “Sella del Diavolo”. As all the places, it gets way busier in summer, when people go there to take a walk, have a drink, and buy some local products at the many stands. I suggest to go there early in the morning and enjoy the sound of the sea and the boats.

5. Roman Theatre

Address: Sant’Ignazio da Laconi St.

Also Cagliari has its small Colosseum. This is an amazing architectural old construction in the rocks, built in the 2nd century A.D. n the past it was a place for fights, while nowadays it hosts concerts, plays and other kind of cultural events. I reccomend to attent at least one of them!

5 Must Sees in Chia, Sardinia

Located approximately 45 kilometres from the town of Cagliari, Chia is home to gorgeous white sandy beaches and blue seas.

Here are our top things to do in Chia, Sardinia.

Chia in Cagliari, Sardinia
Chia in Cagliari, Sardinia

Chia Beaches

Chia is famed for its stunning transparent waters and warm sandy beaches, ideal for sunbathing, walking the shoreline, relaxing and taking in the sights.

Located at the foot of the Chia Tower (see images), Porticciolo beach is a natural half-moon shaped beach at the Hotel Torre Chia. Also nearby are Porto Campana Beach, which is famous for its golden dunes, and the picture perfect S’Abba Durci beach. Beaches are the pride of Chia, and there are literally dozens of fantastic beaches to choose from!

Chia Tower

The Chia Tower stands proud on the cosatline of Chia, providing a unique view of the nearby beaches. This ancient stone watchtower once protected the village from pirate raids, and visiting it makes for a charming and relaxed walk on any given day.

Capo Spartivento

This second most southern point of Sardinia is home to the inimitable Faro di Capo Spartivento – a working lighthouse. On a clear day, you might be able to glimpse it from the east coast at Su Giudeu beach. Pay the lighthouse a visit for stunning 360 degree panoramic views over the blue seas of Sardinia, and don’t forget to pay the gardens a visit, too.


Whether you’re a scratch golfer or a newcomer, golfers of all stripes will revel in Chia’s offerings! These include the nearby Molas Golf Course, and the village’s own 18 hole Pitch and Putt. Some hotels like Hotel Parco Torre Chia in the area also offer exclusive deals for golfers, so don’t forget to plan ahead!


The colourful nearby town of Pula is home to the ancient archeological ruins of Nora. These remains of the ancient Roman city include ancient temples, baths and mosaics – a lovely visit for tourists and history buffs alike. Nearby is the Nora Lagoon, another gorgeous sight in near Chia that’s perfect for an afternoon stroll.

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