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Metal Slug Tactics Gets A Gameplay Reveal Trailer

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You are probably familiar with the name Metal Slug. It is, after all, a classic arcade staple back in the day. More recently, it also has many sequels available on consoles and PC. But throughout them all, they’ve all been of the run-and-gun arcade shooter variety. But with Metal Slug Tactics, the series will be making its debut in the grid-based tactical RPG space.

There’s even a gameplay trailer out now, giving us a quick look of the four familiar playable characters in action. And it’s actually really nice to see up to three of them out in the field together. Though with that being said, hopefully that’s not a hard limit, and it’s actually possible to have all four out at the same time.

What’s even better is that the game maintains the classic 2D art style of the series. And it is extra charming because of that, in this day and age of high definition when everything feels the need to go 3D. And end up with a barely recognisable version like Tencent and TiMi’s take.

Leikir Studio, the devs of Metal Slug Tactics, seems to know what’s what, which is great for the game. It’s also good to know that it will be published by DotEmu, the same company that developed Streets of Rage 4. Speaking of publishing, the game currently has a vague release window of 2022. It will be available on PC and the Nintendo Switch.

(Source: DotEmu / YouTube, Steam via PC Gamer)

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