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Cuban-American owned athletic apparel company releases innovative reversible collection

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ALPHA Territory Team

In order to achieve something unique, you have to create an experience that is different from your competitors.

Satisfying a unique opportunity in the athletic performance wear industry, ALPHA Territory has released a unique reversible collection of women’s shorts and sports bras in seven pastel colors with complementary tank tops and additional men’s t-shirts. The quick-dry, dual layer polyester/spandex material can be stretched in any direction without becoming see-through. Following its launch in 2016, this is the third collection released by the brand and its Cuba-born founders, Hansel de Haro and Gus Baldor.

ALPHA Territory is a fitness apparel and lifestyle brand that promotes healthy living and prides itself in providing the ultimate quality and service for its products. In pursuit of the American dream, De Haro and Baldor launched the brand and community inspired by their own health and weight loss journeys. Their collective aim was to create a brand that would focus on more than just the product sold, but be an inclusive, supportive community that provides information to support fitness and improve overall quality of life.

Born and raised in La Habana, Cuba, Hansel de Haro was an entrepreneur at heart with a passion for designing and presenting products that surpass visual and quality expectations. This directed him to pursue a formal architecture education which began in Cuba and ultimately led to his immigration to the US and earning his master’s degree from Florida International University in 2014.

“In order to achieve something unique, you have to create an experience that is different from your competitors,” said de Haro. “That goes for both the idea you want to develop and the customers you will present it to. It stems from your life experiences.”

​​Baldor emigrated from Cuba at a young age in 1985 and grew up in Hialeah, Florida, where he grew as a professional until he was able to open his first business in the automotive industry. This led to his introduction to De Haro, where ALPHA Territory was ultimately born.

“I’m blessed to have the opportunity to live in the USA where you can achieve your dreams if you are willing to work hard and continue to learn!” Baldor said.

Family is everything for the ALPHA Territory founders, having been brought up in close-knit households that remained connected through adversity. They believe that a strong circle of friends, teammates and/or business partners is the key to success in fitness and in life. They adopted this same concept of building and strengthening relationships over opportunities when developing ALPHA Territory and throughout its continued exponential growth.

About ALPHA Territory, Corp.

ALPHA Territory, Corp. is an independent, minority-owned designer, promoter and distributor of high quality, branded athletic performance apparel, headquartered in Miami, Florida and operated by a close-knit community of fitness enthusiasts. ALPHA Territory’s goal is to facilitate a healthy lifestyle through its products, after-sales service and article-based website that promotes success by providing reliable and accurate information (healthy recipes, workout plans, lifestyle tips, etc.). For more information, please visit or @alphaterritory.

Press Contact for ALPHA Territory:

Sarah Garcia

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