A Journey into Resume Writing


Zahra’s Story 

Zahra is a career strategist, teacher, and writing tutor who thrives on acquiring the knowledge, experiences and opportunities that New York City has to offer. Her journey as a careerist has provided her a glimpse into the world of multiple fields, which came about from her natural desire to understand the different industries that comprise the world we live in and how they are interrelated.

Throughout the years, people noticed her ability to “effortlessly” enter whatever field she wanted, regardless of her lack of prior experience in the job. She gained a great deal of exposure to different worlds, from corporate fashion to education. She naturally became the go-to person for friends, acquaintances, and co-workers both old and young because she knew “so much” about getting her foot into the door of different fields. In the first few years of her journey, she had quickly figured out that the key to landing any job encompasses three key elements throughout the job-hunting process-effective self-branding, the mindset and time dedicated to the goal, and a unique but specific set of job search and application and networking strategies.

Her experiences include positions in HR, Fashion, Retail, Beauty, Art Handling, Library Sciences, Non for Profit, Supply Chain, Production Management, and Education, all of which have allowed her to acquire a wider scope than most people who generally stay in one field for their entire lives. She celebrated many accomplishments and successes, and experienced making many mistakes! All these experiences combined taught her enough to be able to mentor so many others on all facets of career related self-empowerment; from how to get your foot in the door with absolutely zero connections, effective networking, strategies behind getting an interview in the same week, and the overall “dos and don’ts” in pursuing a job or career.

How Zahra Became a Professional Résumé Writer

Part of Zahra’s secret to always landing the job she wanted to explore included her ability to write winning résumés, along with other strategies. Knowing she had this ability, many friends, acquaintances, and family members would ask her to write or revise their résumés. In the summer of 2019, two of her coworkers lost their jobs and weren’t experiencing any luck with the résumés they were sending out. Without hesitation, she offered to help them, being certain that they would land interviews with her résumés revamping skills and knowledgeable toolbox of job acquisition strategies. Within the same week of drafting and coaching her friends, both friends received multiple calls (and compliments on their résumé and cover letter) – one who received over twenty calls! She went on so many interviews, she felt like she couldn’t keep up. Within one month, both friends were employed.

This was the time Zahra decided to take her skills to the next level and embarked on her journey as a professional résumé writer. It has been a worthwhile investment to continuously learning and enhance her skills and knowledge on the ins and outs of career strategy and style, as the clients she works with consistently express positive feedback after working with her. The best part about her work is that she genuinely loves what she does – from the relationship she builds with her clients, to the resume writing process, and the confidence and fabulous results her clients experience at the end.

Many people may think writing résumés or cover letters, or any other form of writing is boring. For Zahra, any self-branding document is more than just a document. She says “Résumés are your key to attaining agency and freedom on multiple levels. Since we can’t just walk into an office and demand a job or ask an employer to hire us, the power of writing holds that much more significance. Compelling writing is the key to opening doors, as it allows the world to know what you want them to know about you, even before you can speak about yourself in person.

Get in Touch With Zahra 

If you need a résumé and cover letter, or interested in a résumé revamp, email Zahra at resumesbyzahra@gmail.com . You can also visit her site, ResumesbyZahra.com to review the different services she has to offer, read client testimonials, and learn tips and strategies for job hunting.