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Must-Have HR Management Software features for Big Companies

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HR management software is one of the most important technological solutions for businesses. It has made HR operations efficient in every manner, including a significant reduction of time and operational cost. Upon deciding to appoint any solution, one must look closely at the HR management software features. In this blog, we are going to discuss the must-have HR management software features for big companies.

In every organisation, the HR department deals with some of the most critical tasks. As a result, the documentation and other administrative tasks eat up a considerable amount of time.  

All these critical tasks become very easy with an HR management system. But, the efficiency of your work depends on the features of the software. So, you must be careful before you purchase an HRM for your organisation.

Before we dive into the must-have HR management software features, let’s know the benefits of a comprehensive HR management software.

Benefits Of HR Management Software

Benefits are abundant to having employee management software. In today’s world, businesses rely on technology very much for day-to-day works. And HR management is the top priority.

Employee Monitoring

The first thing that comes into mind is an employee monitoring and related support. The paper-based HR management model was not efficient enough to monitor the entire company from one place. Besides, it was a very challenging job for employees to maintain all the documentation.

employee monitoring with HR management system

Imagine if there were no HR management system, we could not run our operation smoothly today. So, a cloud-based HR management system during this COVID period is an inevitable tool.

Save Time

Human resource management is very time-consuming. An HR management solution helps you complete your work in no time. From onboarding to reporting, you are just a few clicks away.

Reduce Operational Cost    

Operational cost management decides your company’s revenue. Thus, reducing operating costs related to HR management plays a vital role. An HR management software saves time which eventually leads to cost minimisation.

On the other hand, the HR operation with software requires fewer people. And fewer employees means less operational cost. Additionally, your office also uses fewer stationaries because of the digitised process. Therefore, your company benefits from a significant operating cost reduction.       

Secure Data

The human resource management department deals with confidential documents. With time, the traditional paper-based HR model has become backdated. But the technology-based cloud-HR management system made data more secured and timeproof. You can access your information easily from anywhere. For additional security, you can take several security measures as well.

Reporting is Few Clicks Away

Reporting is one of the most essential and critical tasks in HR operation. With digitised HR management, daily, weekly, monthly or annual reporting is just a few clicks away.

Top 10 HR Management Software Features

Time changes everything, and technology enables that change. The features of a good HR management software must stand the time. In addition, it must withstand the existing challenges of your HR department. So, let’s see the HR management software features that will eventually help your company.

1. Centralised Database

For an HR management system, a centralised database is an integral part. Due to the COVID-19, the office dynamics have changed significantly. Remote work became mandatory, and having access from home to all the information became the need of the hour.

Therefore, without a centralised database, HR management software is like a laptop without the internet. So, when you are looking for a good HR management solution, you must prioritise one with a centralised database.  

2. Employee Self-Service

Employee self-service is one of the HR management software features for big companies. Employees used to handle their details manually before any automated HRM solution. For example, employees used to go to HR managers every time they applied for leaves or timesheet management for client visits.

With the development of the digitised solution, employees can take the self-service when required. Similarly, reporting officer or HR manager can monitor the self-service requests and approve or decline them anytime. So, this is one of the HR software modules that your software must-have.

3. Recruitment And Onboarding

Talent acquisition plays a very important role in the success of a company. However, the process of recruitment and onboarding is a critical task for the human resource management team.

Recruitment with HR software

An HR management system integrated with the best onboarding features can ease your organisation’s struggle. A better onboarding module in the HR system must have highly customised search options. For example, this feature should have the ability to select CVs with specific qualities. You may pull up CVs based on educational background, skills, level of experience, etc.

4. In And Out Time

Usually, most of the HR management system comes with In and Out time features but not all. We can consider this feature a very important one to track your employee’s attendance. It even gets more important in the home office environment.

Along with In and Out time management module, your software should also have task management. Furthermore, a task clock can be a great tool to make your employees more productive. So, if you are looking for an HR solution, make sure the software has these features.  

5. Customised HR Reporting

We have already introduced that reporting eats up a lot of time for HR works. Among HR system requirements specifications, a customised HR reporting is essential.

Every company deals with different sets of information. And depending on company types, managements require different kinds of reports. When you are choosing your HR system, you must check if the system provides enough customizability.   

6. Common Employee Portal

Among all these employee management software features, an employee portal is also important. An employee portal can help you with document sharing.

On a more advanced level, the employee portal based on role makes things more precise. The HR team can set rules for the portal depending on roles so that you can secure your data. You can ensure that one can access the document when they have permission.  

7. Payroll Management

Payroll management is a must-have feature in HRM. Without this module, your HR software is like an accountant without a calculator.

This feature is one of the reasons; HR system came into existence. The payroll feature automatically calculates an employee’s salary. An advance system can also generate wages depending on unpaid leaves, late attendance adjustment and many more.

If you intend to purchase HR management software, make sure it has an advanced payroll management feature.

8. Performance Evaluation

Performance evaluation is a painful job for HR managers. It consumes a substantial amount of time every year. In addition, the manual evaluation process is sometimes vulnerable. A dishonest HR can even manipulate the evaluation process for personal benefits.

But when you have an automated system with a performance evaluation feature, nothing can be better than that. This advanced feature can help your organisation improving productivity.

9. Employee Benefits Administration

Like payroll management, employee benefits administration is also an important feature to look for in your HR software. This tool helps you decide if your employee is eligible for any other benefits.

With the help of good HR management software, you can make your decision very quickly. But without an HR system, it takes a long time to evaluate employee benefits. So, this is one of the most important HR management software features you should keep in mind.

10. Mobile-Friendly Interface

A few decades ago, computers were not that powerful as mobile devices are today. Along with power, the use of mobile devices is rapidly increasing. As a result, web applications and mobile apps are taking the place of on-premise software. Thus, if you invest in an HR management system, you must invest in a mobile-friendly interface. The higher management can access any HR information from anywhere and can benefit from this the most.   

To conclude, HR software is an essential part of an organisation. But before choosing one, you must look for what is best for your company. So far, we have discussed the most important HR management software features for big companies. The centralised system, custom reporting, payroll management and evaluations are a few of the must-have features in an HRMS.   

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