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Kim Kardashian subtly supports Kanye West, attends his album launch | Entertainment

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Kim Kardashian is making sure she is showing her support to Kanye West by standing besides him, despite split.

The KKW beauty founder was seen attending the launch of Kanye’s new album Donda, along with her kids.

“Kim and Kanye are doing great now. Now that the pressure of the marriage is off, they are on the same page as friends,” a source told E!News.

The insider added Kim and Kanye’s communication and co-parenting dynamic is “much better” now that they’ve adjusted to their new normal.

“They reconnected a few months ago and have been easing into a friendship now,” the source shared.

“Kanye did write a song about Kim and their marriage and Kim gave her input about it,” the insider revealed. “He was respectful and gave her the heads up, and did not want to blindside her.”

He “respects Kim a lot and wants to keep the family unit. Now that they have had space, Kim feels relieved that they can be cordial and spend time together for the sake of the kids.”

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