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Best Places for Silver Staycation

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A movie mini-break screen staycation is an amazing experience.

Imagine being transported to another world while relaxing with a movie; a silver screen staycation enhances the experience by allowing you to visit your favorite movie scenes.

Visiting these incredible sights has a few quirks, such as where to go and how much it costs. Betway compiled for us the list of some of the best silver screen Staycations and the cost of visiting each.

Canto Bight

This glitzy coastal city is adored by nearly all Star Wars fans.

Because it is one of the galaxy’s most opulent casinos, wealthy individuals spend a great deal of time there. From the thrill of the Farhiers race to the pleasure of winning coins in the casinos, this location has a lot to offer.

It’s one of the most costly Staycations on the silver screen, with a price tag of £219’464.25. This cost is based on renowned and wealthy people’s hangouts, such as booking a 5-star hotel and feeding.

Isla Nublar

Jurassic World is the realization of a lot of people’s dreams, especially for kids who are fascinated by dinosaurs.

Consider how it feels to be in the same place as these wonderful, breathtaking creatures. As incredible as it may feel, safety is always a major concern for most people but Isla Nublar is “very safe”.

Betway estimated the visiting cost to be about £15’500, perfect for people with a budget ranging from £15’000 to £20’000.

Los Angeles 2019

This futuristic silver screen staycation is based on the narrative of a Los Angeles in November 2019.

This may lead you to believe Blade Runner: LA 2019 will be simple to figure out, yet it may be virtually completely unrelated to what you might expect. For example, the beautiful haze of downtown LA is replaced by darkness and perpetual rain, and there are no animals, so you won’t see any furry companions. Hover cars are another unique feature of this location.

Betway used the reality of modern-day Tokyo to forecast the cost of a silver screen staycation in Los Angeles 2019. Because hover cars do not yet exist, vehicles are used. The estimate is only £1’131.82, which is an excellent value given the wonderful experiences on offer.

The Overlook Hotel

Another fantastic place to visit is the Overlook Hotel. It’s a magnificent setting with breathtaking views of the Colorado mountains.

Because it is secluded, it is an excellent silver screen staycation away from the rush and bustle of everyday life. This can make it eerie or scary for visitors, but if you choose this place, you will enjoy an extremely tranquil atmosphere that is far removed from the stress of daily life.

Because Colorado’s Stanley Hotel served as inspiration for the original novel, Betway calculated the cost of visiting The Overlook Hotel using information from the hotel’s official website. Other costs include flights, insurance, and so forth. It is projected that the total cost will be £2’575.39. This is substantially less expensive than Canto Bight, making it more accessible to a wider range of individuals while still providing fantastic experiences.


The release of Black Panther in 2018 was met with a lot of excitement, with spectacular mountains, waterfalls, grasslands, and other scenery.

It is one of the newest silver screen Staycations, thus it is largely undiscovered by tourists, so you will get the most out of what it has to offer. It is a perfect location for those who enjoy both the countryside and the city.

Its stunning purple sunsets, as well as its cutting-edge technology, are sights to behold.

Nairobi is the closest real-world equivalent of Wakanda, therefore the cost estimate was based on it. £1’096.36 is the estimate.


For all Harry Potter fans and lovers of enchanted places, this is a tempting silver screen staycation.

Hogsmeade, Britain’s lone wizarding village, contains charming little thatched homes with snow-covered slanted roofs. There are also floating candles to guide you around the houses and streets, adding a touch of magic.

With an estimated cost of £194, this is possibly the cheapest silver screen staycation you’ll ever get. It may not have the high-class status of Canto Bight or LA 2019, but for magic fans, the experience is unique, especially at £194.


Each silver screen staycation presented above has its peculiarities, covering a wide range of people. The cost estimate provided by the team at Betway is based on the closest realities to the location hence it is highly representative.

Consider your interests and budget when choosing the perfect staycation.

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