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Nightdive Studios Releases Seven Minutes Of System Shock Remake Gameplay

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For those who remember the original System Shock from all the way back in 1994, you may be anticipating the remake by Nightdive Studios. The game is still a ways away, but it is due to be released sometime later this year. In the meantime, the developer has released seven minutes of the remake’s gameplay footage.

It’s actually pretty amazing what 17 years of graphical improvements can do to a game. The video is linked, so you can see for yourself what the remake will look like when you get your hands on it. And it shows a pretty even slice of the game, with bits of everything from shooting mutants to the puzzle bits.

For a bit of history, the story of System Shock saw the protagonist, a hacker, waking up in a space station called Citadel Station. The space station is controlled by an AI known as SHODAN which had its moral restraints removed, and developed a god complex as a result.

System Shock remake gameplay puzzle

As mentioned, the game is slated for release this year, but with no specific date beyond the summer window. It will be available on Steam, Epic Games Store, and GOG. Pre-ordering will also get you System, Shock 2: Enhanced Edition for free when it gets released.

(Source: Nightdive Studios / YouTube, Steam, EGS, GOG)

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