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For a while now, iPad Pros have been the gold standard as far as tablets are concerned. Now with them coming with the same chips (Apple’s M1 processors) we see in their MacBook Air, Pro (13″), Mac mini and iMac, there’s no denying that they’re worthy and powerful purchases. While buying the iPad Pro itself is an easy decision, buying the right accessories is whole other ballgame. Specially when it comes to its keyboard. This is where the Logitech Combo Touch comes in a great option.

Starting at Dh929, the Logitech Combo Touch will be making its way to the UAE on July 15th. It’ll be available for both 11″ and 12.9″ (Dh1029) versions and. We had the opportunity to review the 11″ version with our Apple iPad Pro 2021.

Logitech Combo Touch

The Combo Touch is pretty much Logitech’s best keyboard for an iPad Pro right now. It’s got great feel, solid protection and versatility which truly comes in handy. So let’s check it out.

Body and Design

Right from the second you get it out of the box, the woven fabric feel of the Combo Touch is great in the hand. The case for the iPad is a little thick (specially since I can from Apple’s Magic Keyboard) but the weight distribution is very different. Most of the weight here is on the case and the keyboard is fairly light.

On the sides the iPad is completely protected with the silicon sides which has grooves for the power and volume rockers. These grooves are pretty distinct and easy to find. On the right side (portrait) or top (landscape) you also find an open side of the case. This is where the Apple Pencil sits nice and snug.

The kickstand on the back of the case is solid and over use hasn’t got flimsy at all. I’ve used it in various positions and have been disappointed at any time. The kickstand has 50 degrees of tilt which is enough for anyone in my opinion. Whether just to keep the iPad standing in landscape or as an elevation to type, draw or write on the iPad the kickstand does a good job. Even though it’s not a position which Logitech suggests, I’ve even used the stand in portrait mode and it works well.

Inside the case your find the smart connectors which the Combo Touch draws it’s power from. The iPad Pro sits very snug inside the case (almost making it a little bit of a struggle to remove from the case) but this is a good thing.

Now while the keyboard (thanks to it’s light weight) might seem flimsy or loose, it sits tightly shut when the case is closed. So props to Logitech on that front. But when it comes to the magnets which attach the keyboard to the case, I can’t say the same. In many occasions, for instance moving from one table to another or just general movement of the case, I would end up detaching the keyboard without even trying in the slightest. This isn’t a problem big enough to deter you from the purchase but is definitely something you should know.

Daily Use

So the Logitech Combo Touch comes to be used in four modes, namely Type, Sketch, View and Read. Funny enough, one mode it doesn’t ‘provide’ is a Lap mode. If you’ve used this kickstand with a keyboard setup ever before, you’ll know that this has nothing to do with Logitech. It’s just an issue with the design and build in this form. Now this doesn’t mean that it’s not usable on your lap, it just means that it’s quite uncomfortable and not really easy to work with.

That aside, all the other modes work extremely well. The typing experience on the Combo Touch isn’t as good as Apple’s own Magic Keyboard but it’s pretty darn close. The backlit keys come with 16-levels of brightness and they’re even easy to use in complete darkness.

The detachability of the keyboard brings about modes like View and Sketch. I used the Combo Touch in view mode a lot. Many-a-time Id be using my iPad Pro with sidecar on the Mac and this is one place the keyboard would shine for me. Sketch mode came in super-handy for me because I’m a very regular Canva user. The slight prop up, along with easy access to the Apple Pencil are definitely perks of this keyboard in my opinion.

The trackpad is another place where it’s not the best but in no way shape or form is it bad. It’s also one of the biggest ones Logitech has ever added to their keyboards.

Should you buy the Logitech Combo Touch Keyboard?

The Logitech Combo Touch gives you everything you’ll need from a keyboard and at a great price. In my 3 weeks with the keyboard case I haven’t gotten sick of it or felt like it wasn’t worth it. The only reason not to buy it is if you’re going to be using the keyboard and case on your lap a lot.

A lot of keyboard cases remove the lack-lustre of the iPad Pros. Specially the off-brand ones available all over websites like Amazon. The Logiecth Combo Touch doesn’t do that. It’s comfortable but not bulky. It’s not metal but still premium. Most importably, it’s simple yet versatile.

The Logitech Combo Touch definitely gets a thumbs up from me and should be a great choice for people who might be considering getting one.

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