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Gemini Love & Marriage Compatibility: Find out the best match for Gemini

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1) Gemini – Aries
Ganesha says Gemini, the third sign, truly matches with the Aries due to their planetary positioning. Aries is a strong believer of having certain specific rules and principles in life and Gemini are the people who live with dignity and regularity. The relationship between Gemini and Aries is more likely to get converted into marriage sooner or later. Gemini has a distinct personality in terms of their professional circle and family while Aries is someone who can adjust with all kinds of people. Collectively, everything counts on a good side except the fact the rage issues of Gemini can hardly be managed by Aries.
2) Gemini – Taurus
Gemini and Taurus are like two people in different boats trying to reach the same destination. Asserting efforts in a relationship has always been easier for Taurus while Gemini will have to walk errands to make romance work in a straight line. The compatibility of this combination falls under 50 – 60% collectively. The matters that need more attention are ignored by Taurus but Gemini holds up everything together with the same amount of love. Comparing their relationship with other people’s relationship is the biggest mistake this combination makes but things can be made better, says celebrity astrologer Chirag Bejan Daruwalla.
3) Gemini – Gemini
Gemini and Gemini are rare combinations even though they share multiple things in common including planetary positioning. Bringing everything to a clear-cut argument has always been a good way for Geminis and this becomes the reason for their successful relationship. Physical intimacy always lacks such a combination but emotional bonds grow stronger with time. The rigidity over something by both the signs creates compatibility issues between them. None of them tries to bring things down and both the partners try to impose their opinions in a marriage. Apart from that, nothing can ruin their relationship.
4) Gemini – Cancer
Gemini and Cancer in a romantic relationship is like two people trying to pull themselves in opposite directions. Gemini and Cancer do not make a good pair due to their distinct opinions over the smallest of things. Cancer natives are little over possessive about their partner while Gemini natives rely more on trust rather than situations. Making things better takes a lot of time in such a relationship. Graph of romance always goes more down than up and hence it is not advisable for such a combination to get married even if things are right while dating.
5) Gemini – Leo
Leo natives are bold and fierce in a way while Gemini are soft and subtle. Everything that can draw other people apart can bring this pair closer and that makes them a wonderfully compatible pair romantically. Although Leo natives suffer with rage issues, Geminis can deal with the worst keeping their calmness on the front foot. Good physical bond makes their relationship better. Only problem with this combination is that too many domestic issues make their relationship weaker.
6) Gemini – Virgo
Virgo has a personality of keeping things for longer at heart and it is harder for them to let things go while Gemini are people who can push themselves a little bit when it comes to letting go. Gemini and Virgo can make a good pair but only if they get married after the age of 25. Few confrontations at the early phase of dating becomes the drawback for their relationship. In terms of arranged marriage, there are more chances of compatibility issues than usual.
7) Gemini – Libra
Gemini loves to take a practical approach for everything while Libra zodiac is more emotive. Compatibility between both these signs on romantic fronts grows stronger eventually. Gemini helps taurus to manage the emotional burden which weighs them down. Making things perfect for each other as spouses Adds up more to this relationship. Avoiding social opinions can prove to be good for their relationship. Overall love and marriage compatibility of this combination stands around 70%.
8) Gemini – Scorpio
Gemini natives are diligent workers who remain steadfast in the face of adversity. Gemini natives are known for carrying the psychic loads of their loved ones on their sturdy arms, and they are usually eager to assist anybody who is in need. Scorpio natives are in love with all the above qualities of Gemini as they want someone to fill up their emotional gaps. Compatibility of this combination in terms of romance stays more bonded with emotions and this also makes their physical bond greater.
9) Gemini – Sagittarius
Gemini and Sagittarius do not make a great pair and both are a little diligent and stubborn in their relationship. Making things hard for each other to handle, they can hardly be compatible. If they get into a relationship at an early stage in their life, there are quite chances of them getting better with time. If any of the partners have a weaker domestic situation in terms of harmony then marriage should be avoided.
10) Gemini – Capricorn
Gemini has a natural inclination to criticise people of bad manners or untidy aesthetics who are welcomed into their orbit on a bad day but they are naturally softer with Capricorn natives. Gemini unwantedly grows more welcoming with Capricorn and this brings out the best true self of the both. While a Gemini excels in a peaceful environment, they might occasionally let their outspokenness turn into arrogance but with Capricorn’s stronger Venus, things can get better for their relationship. Compatibility in terms of marriage and love for this combination stays little more than just medium and there will not be much to think of about their marital fronts.
11) Gemini – Aquarius
Gemini and Aquarius are the signs which are less compatible with each other. Both of these signs can hardly let go of the mistakes made and this creates recurring problems between them. Positioning of Mars in the seventh house of any one zodiac affects the relationship. Becoming more reliant on others to solve their issues becomes a big drawback in their romantic compatibility. If two people with these zodiacs are already in love and want to get married, they should try to dig out each other’s flaws and see how much acceptance they have for one another.
12) Gemini – Pisces
Geminin in relationship with Pisces are trustworthy, industrious companions who know how to add a very little shine and a lot of attention to even the most routine areas of life. They provide a secure place for any friend or romantic partner they want to welcome in with their attractiveness and honesty in loving. Pisces is a zodiac which truly gives back the love their partner deserves. Relationships grow eventually between these two signs as they stay eager to learn more things about each other.
— By Astro Friend Chirag – Son of Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla

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