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Taurus Relationship Compatibility: Find out who’s the best match for Taurus

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1) Taurus – Aries
Ganesha says Taurus and Aries show good admiration for each other. Both these signs are full of strength and resolutions. The love and romance compatibility between these two signs does not match due to channelling their energies over wrong things. Aries is always looking for jobs, excitement, and exhilaration away from family and friends, whereas Taurus is more concerned with servitude at home. A Taurus may be envious of an Aries’ adventurous spirit, while an Aries may feel confined by a Taurus’ defensiveness. Fireworks can ignite in a relationship between Aries and Taurus, for the wrong reasons.
2) Taurus – Taurus
Taurus is a zodiac sign that flourishes in a connection with their polar opposite, and a couple of earth-bound Taureans are satisfied to spend much of their time in their perfectly designed, exciting plans. Taureans admire each other’s charismatic personality and cultural traditions. They are satisfied to spend their lives married developing a family and leaving a foundation. Taureans’ connections with one another are constructed to last since they are unlikely to alter.
3) Taurus – Gemini
Taurus and Gemini love compatibility when it comes to love and romance. Both the zodiacs have a personality which is very upright about their opinions and lacks to surrender to each other’s opinions. Different personalities of both these zodiacs makes them unmatchable. Marital fronts will stay better if they get married late. Gemini and taurus can have a bright romantic relationship if the seventh house of any of the zodiacs is strong.
4) Taurus – Cancer
Taurus Cancer relationship gets stronger with each day as their compatibility is very strong. Taurus gets naturally attracted to Cancer natives. Both the zodiacs will have to be more careful with their behaviour over certain issues. This combination never goes through any trust issues. Both the zodiacs are equally opportunistic and this connects them well.
5) Taurus – Leo
Showy methods of Leo draw Taurus’ interest. Paradoxically, the anticipatory anxiety and frantic activity of Leos can upset Taureans’ mental calm. The powerful and ardent physical connection is a significant appeal for both. When conflicts emerge, a Leo-Taurus relationship can degenerate into major confrontations, with both dominating characters reluctant to surrender up. The marriage will start to crumble if Leo and a Taurus can’t find out how to have good disputes and see each other’s points of view.
6) Taurus – Virgo
Taurus and Virgo share so many personality traits. Both the signs are clear about what they expect from a romantic relationship. These zodiacs will make excellent partners if they do not judge each other with the first impression. Taurus compliments the aspiring nature of Virgo while Virgo nurtures the flaws Taurus is trying to fill up. There are quite good chances of consistent domestic harmony when the stars of such a couple come together.
7) Taurus – Libra
While talking about Libra’s compatibility with Taurus, we can surely say that they would hardly be 35% compatible when it comes to love and romance. Both the signs work well but both the zodiacs expect totally opposite things from the relationship. Taurus enjoys specific things individually while Libra likes to share too much space. Taurus and Libra are more likely to get into arguments which make the relationship weaker due to their short-tempered nature and hence, marriage between these two signs is not at all recommended.
8) Taurus – Scorpio.
Love and companionship play a very important role in the life of Taurus and the same goes with the Scorpio and hence this makes them both very well-suited. Both the signs share the same philosophical and financial beliefs and hence there are lesser disputes in their relationship. Being way too emotional makes Taurus impractical while Scorpio handles everything with rationality. They both compliment the weaknesses of each other and thus their combination can be said to be 90% compatible.
9) Taurus – Sagittarius
Living with a Sagittarius may be a bit all over the place: their front doorway appears to be a sliding around with friends and colleagues from all sorts of backgrounds invited in for social occasions that don’t match Taurus’s conventional side. A Sagittarius may sneer at a Taurus’ bad habits which may easily result in a rage outburst. To put it another way, for a Taurus-Sagittarius union to succeed, these two polar opposite signs must struggle to put aside basic components of their outlooks on life and preferences, which neither sign may consider as worth the effort.
10) Taurus – Capricorn
Taurus and Capricorn make a great romantic pair. Both the signs are equally inclined towards spirituality and divinity. Both the zodiacs are naturally supported by the favourable position of Venus and this makes them both very well connected. Taurus always put others above themselves and Capricorn is very appreciative about kindness thus, they make a good pair. Capricorn is calm and compromising which can handle the mood swings and anger of Taurus and hence both the signs are very well romantically compatible for each other.
11) Taurus – Aquarius
Taurus and Aquarius don’t have much in common, with Aquarius racing off into the dusk while Taurus remains comfortably attached to the things they have, confused. When Aquarius comes after an expedition, he usually brings a slew of new acquaintances with him and a conventional Taurus will find it difficult to accept Aquarius’ outlandish companions. On average, these signs’ innate talents and goals pull them in different ways, finding it challenging to develop a solid, meaningful partnership.
12) Taurus – Pisces
Last but not least, Pisces, with its emotional complexity, may assist Taurus in opening up and exploring their own suppressed feelings. These two are actually made for real link and as they share originality, and a passion for philosophical debates. However, a Pisces’ inability to express their often-overpowering emotions might lead Taureans to suspect that their partner is withholding something from them. Even if a Pisces’ premise is correct, a Taurus might be offended by covert hostility and may respond to a Pisces’ latent emotions by becoming bossy.
— By Astro Friend Chirag – Son of Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla

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