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Minimalist magic

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NOTHING beats the feeling of a newly spruced home environment. The spacious and tidy element can do wonders for our sanity, especially in these times.

However, keeping our homes clean involves daily effort. This can be very taxing for those of us who lead busy lives. Apart from regularly cleaning our homes, is there an easier way of keeping our homes tidy, clean and spacious for a longer time?

According to the founder of Yong Studios and interior designer Steph Low, adopting the minimalist lifestyle is one way of achieving this goal.

“The main idea behind the minimalist home decor is simplicity and it goes beyond just the furniture we buy,’’ she explained.

“It is a lifestyle where we adopt the mindset of ‘less is more’. And that means not buying and keeping things that are not necessary.”

Quality over quantity

The first step to creating the minimalist decor style is by practising the notion – quality over quantity.

In fact, it is advisable to only invest in items that will make a living space more comfortable and presentable.

In this case, it truly pays to invest in classic items that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also built to stand the test of time.

“When you buy fewer items, you can buy and choose more quality items (that) would last longer.

This way, it will not only make the room more spacious but also more personalised to you.”

Organised storage

But what happens when there are leftover items that are still hanging around? Low’s answer: “Invest in stylish storage spaces.”

Cupboards and racks make it easier to keep a living space neat and tidy. However, it is advisable to invest in them only if they serve a specific purpose.

Low pointed out that Malaysians have a habit of installing storage units in living areas and then leave them unused.

“I think it is important for owners to organise according to the specific space. Every cupboard that is placed needs to serve functionality and purpose in that area.

“For instance, with the kitchen, the cupboard can only store kitchen items. Whereas with laundry areas, the cupboards can only store laundry items. This will not only help you with the storage and organisation of things but also help with reducing unnecessary spending.”

Consistent colours

Apart from the furniture, colours play a vital role in highlighting the simplicity and natural aspect of a home.

Low believes colours like natural wood and white would be suitable as they blend well with the concept. As for textures, items like pillows and rugs in alternate colours are instrumental in brightening up the room.

“I think such items can mix and match to make the room more interesting. But bigger items like a curtain should be in a consistent colour. This is to give off a good balance to the living space. Otherwise, it will look messy.”

Natural elements

Of course, the natural look cannot be achieved without the use of natural materials. By incorporating elements like plants or flowers into a white background, the warm and welcoming feeling of the space is enhanced.

As Low, who incorporates this for her office, nicely puts it: “Every house needs natural elements to enhance the liveliness and warmth.”

So, there you have it! Now that you have all the steps to styling a minimalistic home, you can go on to design the home of your dreams. Just follow these tips and you will get a beautiful and inviting minimalistic home in no time!

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