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Gigi Hadid felt ‘strange’ and ‘weird’ at the start of her pregnancy during fashion month

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Supermodel Gigi Hadid shed light on her experience of giving birth during the coronavirus pandemic.

During a recent interview with i-D, the 26-year-old fashion icon spoke about her pregnancy period that was spent in quarantine in the privacy of her home, while she was surrounded by her loved ones.

Hadid also touched upon how she felt “weird” during fashion month at the beginning of her pregnancy and how she found it challenging to keep the news a secret.

“[It was] super strange. It obviously felt weird during fashion month when I secretly felt so sick at work but you can’t take a sick day during fashion week!” she shared.

“I just had to pretend it wasn’t happening. Or, you know, we had a birthday party and someone would offer me a drink, and I’m like, ‘Oh, I’m not drinking this month’ or whatever. And as everyone started to get tipsy, I would sneak out,” she added.

Regarding the birth of her daughter, coming at a horror-stricken time with tragic news all around, Hadid said: “There’s a bittersweetness because I know that obviously COVID-19 has been such a tragedy for so many people and families, and lives, and jobs.”

“But there was a silver lining in the timing, in that I got to experience pregnancy and giving birth and being with my baby, and it was a reset that I would have had to make for myself, regardless. It really gave me time to experience motherhood the way I wanted to, which was without a baby nurse and without a nanny for as long as I could before I went back to work,” she added. 

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