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UET Valorant University Spring Tournament

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UET Valorant University Spring Tournament Begins! With the main sponsorship of Monster Notebook, the “Valorant University Spring Tournament” organized by Intel University Esports begins. In the tournament, where Coca-Cola and Ozan SuperApp is the support sponsors, the ranking teams will compete for Monster Notebook’s valuable equipment and a total cash prize of 25,000₺. In addition, all participants of the tournament will earn a 10₺ Ozan SuperApp balance. As Gaming in Turkey Gaming and Esports Agency, we continue our esports organizations throughout the year. This time it’s your turn; UET Valorant is at the University Spring Tournament!

The “Valorant University Spring Tournament” organized by Intel University Esports, where university students can compete with each other and win prizes, starts with the main sponsorship of Monster Notebook. University students will compete to become champions at the professional level and in the spirit of fair competition. In the tournament specially organized for the First Person Shooter (FPS) game Valorant, teams of 5 people from Turkey’s 128 universities will compete relentlessly for the win. Monster Notebook, the manufacturer of the powerful computers of the gaming and esports world, is the main sponsor of this awesome tournament, where the pace and excitement will never decrease.

UET Valorant University Spring Tournament Begins


In the Valorant University Spring Tournament, 128 universities from our country will face each other in teams of 5 people. A total of 640 players will sweat to be the winner in the tournament. Valorant University Spring Tournament will be an award-winning organization where excitement and action never cease. Registration for this unique tournament will continue until June 6th.

16 teams in each of the 8 qualifying groups of the exciting tournament will compete in the elimination stages. These qualifiers will take place from 7 to 9 June. In the group stage, which will be played on June 10-11, 4 teams will share their trump cards in 4 groups.


The teams that make it to the semi-final stage, where the excitement will increase, will face each other on June 12. University representative youth will fight hard to take their school to the finals and bring it one step closer to the championship. The semi-final excitement of the Valorant University Spring Tournament, which will be held under the main sponsorship of Monster Notebook, will be broadcast live on Twitch on June 12.

Turkey’s Champions Will Be Determined Live Broadcast

The two teams that managed to reach the final will share their trump cards to gain the score advantage in the 5 matches to be played to become the champion. The teams that qualified for the final by overcoming tough challenges will show all their skills to win Turkey’s inter-university championship. Game and esports lovers will also experience the final excitement of these exciting and relentless struggles together with the players and witness the moment when Turkey’s university Valorant champion is determined. The grand finale, which will take place on June 13, will be able to be followed on Twitch.

The Valorant University Spring Tournament will be held with the main sponsorship of Monster Notebook, a technology brand operating in the field of high-performance laptops and player equipment. Great prizes await students at the end of this tournament, which is a unique opportunity for young people who aspire to enter the professional arena by transforming their gaming experience and skills into a career.

Great Prizes Await Their Owners


Monster Notebook, the main sponsor of the tournament, will support the prize pool with valuable equipment prizes. The player selected as MVP as the most valuable player of the tournament will be the owner of the latest model Monster Notebook Abra A5 V16.6.5 laptop. Players of the champion team will receive their share of Monster’s equipment rewards as well as the big cash prize. While 5 Pusat Gaming Head Set Lite headphones will be the tournament champion team, 10 Pusat V11 Gaming Mouse and 10 Bukra V1 Bluetooth Speakers will be distributed among the players of the 1st and 2nd teams of the tournament.

In addition, the champion team of the tournament, supported by Ozan SuperApp, will receive a cash prize of 10.000₺. The second-place team of the tournament will win 7500₺, the third place will win 5000₺ and the fourth team will win 2500₺ cash prize. Ozan SuperApp balance worth 10 TL will be given as a gift to all players participating in the tournament.

Excitement will reach its peak in this tournament, where there will be fierce and fierce struggles and magnificent prizes will be distributed. For more information about the Valorant University Spring Tournament and to follow this excitement closely, you can visit Don’t miss these fierce competitions organized by Intel University Esports and sponsored by Monster Notebook!

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