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Primary school, health clinic among 22 localities in S’wak placed under EMCO

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KUCHING (June 5): One primary school, one health clinic and 20 longhouses throughout the state have been placed under the Enhanced Movement Control Order (EMCO), said the Sarawak Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) today.

In a statement, SDMC said that SK St Luke and Nanga Baoh Health Clinic in Batang Oya, Dalat will be under EMCO from June 7 to 20.

Also under EMCO for the same dates are four longhouses namely Rh. Bala anak Umba, Rh. Tulu anak Sli, Rh.Duah anak Entingi, and Rh. Balin anak Gema.

In Kapit, three longhouses have been affected, namely Rh Sli, Ulu Menuan, Batang Rajang currently under EMCO from June 2 to 15; Rh. Empawie, Sg Yong from June 3 to 16; and Rh. Ngelai, Sg Tisa, Sg Yong from June 3 to 16.

Four longhouses in Bukit Mabong are also placed under EMCO from June 3 to 16. They are Rh. Tajai, Nanga Sebiro, Baleh; Rh. Nyamok, Ng Serau, Sg Gaat; Rh. Laso, Nanga Entawau, Baleh; and Rh. Rentap, Nanga Entawau, Baleh.

In Sri Aman, four longhouses are currently under EMCO, namely Rh. Setia, Sembayang (June 3 to 16); Rh. Senah, Sembayang Ban (June 3 to 16); Rh. Lepang Sayat, Engkelili (June 4 to 17); and Rh. Unya Jambu Arap Skrang (June 5 to 18).

Three affected longhouses in Julau are Rh. Philip Janting, Ulu Bejawai (June 4 to 20); Rh. Japar (June 5 to 13); and Rh. Gasah, Nanga Kemalih (June 5 to 13).

In Meradong, Rh. Rentap, Sg Rayah, Bintangor is under EMCO from June 5 to 21, while in Selangau, Rh. Anthony Jugu, Sungai Buloh will be under EMCO from June 7 to 20.

SDMC also announced the extension of EMCO for two longhouses in Bukit Mabong. They are Rh. Nawin, Sg Oyan (June 5 to 18) and Rh. Barang, Sg Melinaa (June 7 to 21).

The committee also declared the end of the EMCO for four locations. These are Rh. Aji Sungai Ban in Sri Aman; Rh. Nyalu anak Wilson, Jalan Selangau-Mukah in Mukah; Rh. Johnson, Kampung Sedudu in Sri Aman; and Rh. Merom, Nanga Engkeramoh in Julau.

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