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This Week in Travel – Episode 282

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Maureen O’Hare is a Northern Irish senior digital producer for CNN Travel, based at the London bureau. She’s written about news, travel, lifestyle, and entertainment for some of the world’s leading media organizations.

Destination Picks

  • Gary: National Parks see record levels of travel. One of my favorite and often overlooked is Theodore Roosevelt National Park in Western North Dakota. You can see Bison, wild horses, mule deer.
  • Jen:  The Sky Pool in London. 115 in the air. Dominical, Costa Rica. Jungle meets the beach with wifi, surf lessons, craft beer, activities, etc.
  • Maureen: Destinations that have working visas. One that appeals to me is Georgia, between the Black Sea and the Caucasus. ‘Remotely from Georgia’ opportunity. Open to foreigners from 95 countries. You can live and work there without a visa if they stay for at least 180 days. 

Picks of the Week

Gary – Apple AirPods Pro. Noise-canceling and also transparent mode. You can wear them in the car and hear background noise. Great safety feature. Excellent battery life. I always travel with my AirPods, and this is the new thing to be in my pocket. 
Jen – An end-to-end platform for individuals and businesses to live, work and travel together in the most inspiring locations on the planet. “KEEP YOUR JOB. SEE THE WORLD. LEAVE THE PLANNING TO US.”
Maureen – Crowdfunding campaign for CityMapper app. Great for getting around London. Door-to-door journeys around the city.

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