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Tech industry rookies are increasingly looking for remote jobs, Indeed finds

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Searches for remote jobs have tripled among people with less than two years of experience in 2021. Luckily for them, remote job postings have doubled in the past year and continue to rise.


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New data from job search site Indeed finds that entry-level tech professionals—defined as those having less than 24 months of work experience—are increasingly seeking remote jobs. Between 2020 and 2021, searches for remote work among that demographic tripled from 3.5% to 10.5%. 

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Young tech workers are in luck, Indeed said, because remote job postings doubled during the COVID-19 pandemic, and continue to rise. Data from Pearl Meyer cited by Indeed found that 80% of businesses felt pandemic-driven work from home policies were successful, 40% reported productivity increases and 33% plan to keep U.S.-based workers remote after the pandemic ends. 

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The fact that remote work has been successful during the pandemic is nothing new: previous studies have cited an increase in worker happiness, found that productivity dips were a myth and that most businesses plan to maintain, at the very least, a hybrid home/in-office model going forward.  

Indeed said that workers who are new to the industry have been affected by the way new graduates and other entry-level tech professionals look at their opportunities, with flexible work clearly becoming more of a priority for rookie job seekers.

Indeed said that newly-minted tech professionals are searching for 15 particular keywords when looking for jobs: software engineer, data analyst, software developer, web developer information technology (including IT), analyst, front-end developer, IT support, data scientist, software, data, engineer, data entry, UX designer and help desk. Companies seeking fresh talent should consider including these keywords in job postings and descriptions so that young job seekers land on their posts.

To contrast, Indeed also included the five most in-demand jobs (data analyst, data scientist, front-end dev, software dev and software engineer), which closely align with what young people are searching for. 

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Indeed also included the 15 most-posted tech jobs on Indeed, the top five of which are senior software engineer, software developer, software architect, full-stack developer and software engineer. Again, there’s a good deal of alignment between what’s being searched and what’s available, so hopefully developer jobs will be filled before talent shortages begin to arise.

How entry-level tech pros can find a remote job

Indeed also included tips for those seeking a remote position; young job seekers would do well to heed some of this advice if working from home is a requisite part of future employment. 

  • Include remote work terms in your job searches, like telework, remote, work from home or hybrid. 
  • When searching for a position, try putting “remote” in the Where field, then the job title in the What field. Indeed supports this type of search, though other sites methods may vary.
  • When you’ve searched for a job, filter results for “remote.” 
  • Make sure your resume is top notch. Indeed recommends that job searchers should “reread the job description and take note of keywords that match your background. These might be qualities, hard skills, soft skills or specific experiences or other qualifications. Then, weave those keywords into your resume in relevant places.”
  • Prep for virtual interviews by making sure your camera and mic are working, testing your internet and finding a quiet, professional-looking spot. Also, prepare to answer common questions, research about the company and read the job posting again. Be sure to also have notes in front of you so you can hit talking points and not forget anything important.

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