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I will be in politics till I am alive: Kamal Haasan

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I will be in politics till I am alive: Kamal Haasan
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I will be in politics till I am alive: Kamal Haasan

Hit by desertions, Makkal Needhi Maiam chief Kamal Haasan on Monday asserted that he would be in politics till such time he was alive and his party shall soon witness a ‘transformation.’ Following the Assembly poll debacle and days after senior leaders quit the party, Haasan lashed out, describing them as ‘nomadic’ and ‘yatris’, albeit without naming any of them. He indicated that they would not be entertained if they sought to re-join the Maiam.

Apparently referring to some allegations, including lack of democracy and autocracy in the functioning of Maiam, by those who had quit, Haasan, in a video message, sought to reject all of them.

Scrutinising failures and learning lessons ‘for victory’ has been the party’s history, he said.

The move to give prominence to those who were either not well known or little known among the public was now being seen as autocratic by some people, he said.

However, the very same people viewed it as ‘peak of democracy’ when they were given huge responsibilities based on talent immediately after joining the party. Later, with the passage of time they forgot such democratic traits of Maiam,he said.

Haasan said he had been transparent in forging electoral alliances and also gave a role for functionaries in a democratic manner in that exercise. Picking allies for polls was among the strong criticisms Haasan faced from those who chose to leave the outfit.

After failure, assuming moral responsibility vis-a-vis their duties is a good democratic exercise, the MNM chief said. For some people, however, burying mistakes that happened and forgetting duties appears to be democratic though it is not, he added.

Apparently hitting out at those who have deserted the party, he said they had joined hands on an ‘ad hoc’ basis and would not understand that the party shall not be afffected by desertions and the Maiam continued to be enthusiastic.

People committed to the Maiam are focussed in their work, but the ‘nomadic’ people and ‘yatris’ do not stay put in a particular place, he alleged.

In case of businessmen, they would continue till such time there was ‘business’ and later would desert, he said without naming anyone.

Sometimes, some people also may make a comeback, but “we should continue our work honestly” without giving room for such elements, he said apparently indicating that those who have quit would not be given a chance again to rejoin the Maiam.

“There is no need for us to respond to false accusations made by some to hide their mistakes. Time will answer.”

There shall no scope henceforth for ‘games’ previously played by some individuals for their ‘mileage’ by misusing the party apparatus, he said, adding the hands of committed party workers would be strengthened.

“All will soon see a transformed Makkal Needhi Maiam.”

No one can stop their political journey in view of clarity in ideology and honesty in the chosen path, he said.

“Till such time I am alive, I will be in politics. Till such time there is politics, Makkal Needhi Maiam will also be there.”

Party general secretary M Muruganandam, vice president R Mahendran, former IAS officer Santhosh Babu, state secretary, Padma Priya and another party functionary C K Kumaravel were among those who have quit the Maiam following the poll debacle.

The party drew a blank in the April 6 Assembly polls and Haasan was defeated in Coimbatore South Assembly segment by BJP’s Vanathi Srinivasan.

The MNM had tied up with Indhiya Jananayaga Katchi and actor R Sarath Kumar-led AISMK for the polls.

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