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Turkey Game Market Report 2020

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Turkey Game Market Report 2020 has been published! We had to make you wait for a little longer this time, so we owe you a little apology. 2020 has been a year that we will not want to remember, not only for our country, also for the entire world. The Covid era showed us that (wish it never happened); some markets adapted very quickly to digital transformation, while some markets have gone upside down. Even if it was about health, it affected our entire lives! From education to health, the whole world, including Turkey, has given and continues to give a great test.

We are in an uncertain period both in terms of our social life and economically. We can’t predict exactly what the new conditions will be. This period has shown us that digital transformation, which is our inevitable future, seems to be a part of our lives much faster after this test. The important word here, in our opinion, is the concept of “SPEED”. Those who adapt quickly to technology will survive. Not only that, but those who use technology and the digital world to be “SPEED” will take a step forward. Companies that are innovative and can keep up with this pace of change will play a more active role in the face of innovations and possible problems that may arise.

After the pandemic, our lives will eventually return to their normal flow, but it will take time, and perhaps the process we call “normal flow” today will become a more digitized normal. Well, time will tell. We will continue to stay in the game and with the game no matter what.

Dear industry friends! It’s time to share a new version of our game market report. As a gaming and esports agency Gaming in Turkey, we have completed the 2020 version of the market report, which consists of information about the gaming market of Turkey. In 2020, a wide range of information is available, from the population of Turkey to the number of gamers, from annual revenues in the gaming market to investments, from internet cafes to streaming phenomena, from expert opinions to the most popular games. We believe that this information will be very useful for companies and brands from every market that want to invest in the future. We hope there will always be an information guide for not only firms and brands, but also for our young people and universities that they can apply for. If you want to examine the report with all the details, just fill out the form below.

Apart from the general information below, you can download the entire 180-page Turkey Game Industry 2020 report by clicking on the link free.

Turkey Game Market Report 2020 Has Been Published

Players total revenue reached $ 880 million in Turkey

We prepare regularly for 5 years, Turkey Game Industry Report 2020 has been published. Gaming in Turkey Founder Ozan Aydemir said the following about the report; We see that the pandemic increased the growth rate of the game industry and the gameplay times increased by 30 percent during this period. The number of players in Turkey has reached 36 million. The size of the game industry is over 880 million dollars.

The investments made in the gaming industry in Turkey have started us to be spoken in our country all over the world. While the acquisition of Peak Games and Rollic Games by Zynga for $ 1.8 billion and $ 168 million were the most important developments of the year, the share sales transactions in the game industry in the nine months of 2020 created a volume of approximately $ 2 billion. All these developments have made the gaming industry the sector that receives the most investment. Furthermore, Turkey has its place in the global games market, finished 18th.

Report Contents

  • Prologue
  • 2020 Turkey Overview
  • Estimated 2020 Media and Advertising Investments in Turkey
  • The Most Used Mobile Social Network Apps in Turkey
  • The Most Used Mobile Video Platforms in Turkey
  • Preferred Brands in Turkey
  • Turkish Mobile Player Habits
  • World of Android Gaming in Turkey
  • The Importance of Localization in Turkey
  • Games and Music in Turkey
  • Characteristics of Turkish Players
  • What’s the Status of the Turkish Gaming Market?
  • A Sector of the Highest Investment: Gaming!
  • Turkish Esports Federation TESFED
  • Riot Games
  • ZULA
  • Onedio Gaming
  • Turkey Game Market 2019 – 2020 Comparison
  • Popular Gaming Companies in Turkey
  • Local Gaming Companies in Turkey
  • The Most Popular Turkish Games in 2020
  • Popular Streamers in Turkey / Twitch TV in Turkey
  • Popular Youtube Channels in Turkey
  • Popular Instagram Influencers in Turkey
  • The Most Preferred PC Games in 2020 in Turkey
  • Active Payment Organizations in Turkey
  • Active Electronic Fund Organizations in Turkey
  • Online Sales Channels in Turkey
  • Associations in Turkey
  • Game Exhibitions in Turkey
  • Sectoral Education in Turkey
  • Game Design Optional Undergraduate Courses in Turkey
  • Game Design Master’s Programs in Turkey
  • Game Design and E-sports Certificate Programs in Turkey
  • Other Game Design Programs in Turkey
  • Internet Cafes and Details in Turkey
  • Esports Teams in Turkey
  • Number of Licensed Players and Teams in Turkey
  • Esports Teams That Make Best Use of Social Media in Turkey
  • Online E-sports and Game Events Organized in Turkey
  • Brands Investing in E-sports and Gaming in Turkey
  • Esports Games in Turkey
  • Turkish Esports Media Channels in Turkey
  • Top Gaming Sites in Turkey
  • Top Online Sales Sites in Turkey
  • Top Online Gaming Platforms in Turkey
  • Gaming Magazines in Turkey
  • Expert Opinions in Turkey

79% of the adults in Turkey play a mobile game.
Not only the young but also the adults play games according to the research by AdColony and Global Web Index in 2020. While 81.7% of the adults are female while 76.5% are male. The data collected also reveals that 84% of all internet users in Turkey play a mobile game with a minimum of one device. Demographics and behavioral habits of the mobile players in Turkey are as follows:

Localization is very important!
The gaming sector is well aware of the significance of localization for our country. Particularly large and mid-scale gaming companies are trying to reach out to Turkish players in many aspects from dubbing to translation and even in-game cultural items. No wonder it’s a significant factor of success to be well aware that localization isn’t just a translation or transfer of an Ottoman item into the games.

2020 has been an entire year that we must consider all the stats with a different approach. People who have never played games in their life played games in 2020 when all the entertainment had to be restrained within our homes. This led to an increase in both the number of players and the money spent on games that are almost our best source of entertainment.

While hypercasual games were on the agenda for new players, hardcore players preferred Battle Royale, FPS, Strategy, and MOBA games as they did in the previous year. Casual games such as Among Us and Fall Guys, which any audience might like made their mark in the sector during this period.

Throughout 2020; Turkish players prefer PUBG Mobile, Brawl Stars, Garena Free Fire, Kafa Topu 2, ROBLOX, 101 Okey Plus, Mobile Legends Bang Bang, Lords Mobile, and similar games on mobile, the choice of the overall gaming audience was hyper-casual and puzzle games.

Offline events were replaced by online tournaments. Numerous tournaments created a new world for players as well as brands. The appearance of e-sports has changed and evolved. The number of teams and sponsor brands also increased. About 5.5 million e-sports enthusiasts continue to cultivate the ecosystem. Unfortunately, our internet cafes and e-sports arenas of pretty high investments had to skip this period.

Above all, the gaming sector has been the sector of the highest investment. The first unicorn of Turkey has been a gaming company: Peak Games. Companies such as Rollic Games achieved success in a short period and sold shares, and Mount & Blade Bannerlord, our PC game with sales support high enough to compete with top quality (AAA) games, led people to focus on the gaming sector. The production rate and quality of our country increased for hyper-casual games.

We would like to thank our sponsors for their support and for always being with us while preparing our report;

Turkey Game Market Report 2020 Has Been Published
Turkey Game Market Report 2020 Has Been Published
  • Coca Cola
  • Game Garaj
  • Jobuum
  • Logitech G
  • Maximum Gaming
  • Ozan SuperApp
  • Razer Gold Türkiye
  • Türk Telekom


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