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The Division Heartland Gameplay Leaks Onto The Internet

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Ubisoft announced that it is working on a free-to-play version of The Division, called Heartland, quite recently. But it looks like work on making it has been going on for longer than the publisher let on. And now, about 20 minutes of gameplay footage of the new game has leaked onto the internet.


The leaked footage came from a closed beta test involving an unknown number of play-testers. And from what has been revealed, it looks like there will be two main gameplay modes in The Division Heartland. One is called Expedition, which is a PvE mode. Another is called Storm, which is PvPvE. The setting is Silver Creek, which is described as a small town. Which is quite the departure from the big cities of the two mainline entries so far.

Gameplay wise, it certainly looks very familiar. The UI looks a litte rough but it remains to be seen if this is a style decision or a beta issue. As for the two game modes, the way they are described sounds a lot like the Survival DLC from the first game. For one, there’s scavenging involved. And while that’s basically The Division as a whole, the emphasis here makes it sound like it’s a one-and-done deal like a battle royale, rather than a looter shooter where you accumulate better gear over time.

Either way, if you want to see the leaked The Division Heartland footage, they will be linked below. But for those who are concerned about spoilers, you should probably consider these to be such. Also, someone clearly broke NDA to share these, so expect them to be taken down in due time.

(Source: Twitter, Vimeo via VGC)

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