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Your Guide to Choosing the Best VAT Management System

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Check what user training the software provider offers, as this is critical to getting to grips with the software quickly and to reduce the possibility of errors. Check if the company hosts any training seminars or webinars as they will guide you through the software processes.

Proper security and administration: 

While choosing your VAT management system, security and administration should be your top priority. Choose a system that helps you set all the security policies that are suitable to implement within your organization. It should also allow different users to be created, updated, and modified according to your needs. The system should have an easier user access control which will help set role wise screen permission

Back office maintenance: 

Choose a VAT software that sets all the core functionalities of the system and allows you to set up static data, product, supplier, customer information and product transactions A fully compliant VAT software must help you with updated facilities with product to auto calculate VAT, SD and other duties.

According to the previous VAT Act (1991), companies were to send the paper copies of their VAT returns which was a big hassle for many of them. However, as per the new VAT & SD Act (2012) that has been introduced, now they can submit VAT returns monthly through a simple online form. The new system is much easier with the new VAT management system approved by NBR.

So, the VAT management system has become an integral part of any business in Bangladesh. To make the method more accessible, one should use the appropriate VAT management software for their business.


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