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Onedio Gaming – Onedio and Gaming in Turkey Came Together

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Onedio Gaming – Onedio and Gaming in Turkey Gathered! Gaming in Turkey and Onedio, the largest social content platform, came together for a brand new gaming platform! The two big companies will act together under the roof of “Onedio Gaming”. Onedio Gaming will feed the Turkish game ecosystem with game reviews, special videos, different tournaments, broadcasts, and lots more.

The game industry in Turkey continued to grow every day, while the companies continue to feed the development process with new initiatives. Turkey’s most entertaining content platform Onedio, took a strong step to the Game world with the cooperation of Gaming in Turkey. Gaming in Turkey, which plays an effective role in the gaming and esports sector in our country and carries out effective projects in the initiatives of companies to take part in the game world, will bring Onedio Gaming into life together with Onedio, which will be the new social content platform of the gaming world. Onedio, which has thousands of members and offers various and interesting information in every field, will now be an influential part of the game world in our country!

onedio gaming onedio and-gaming-in-turkey came together kaan
Kaan Kayabalı

Onedio founder Kaan Kayabalı, who made a statement on the subject, said, “For years, we have grown our social content platform Onedio by presenting the most up-to-date topics to our readers in the most fun and fluent language. We are excited to take the steps of Onedio Gaming to be a part of the game and esports industry, which continues to grow in our country in recent years. It makes us happy to present content with our signature to our readers who are now fond of games and to be doing this initiative with the Gaming in Turkey agency, which has accomplished successful projects in the sector.”

The game world is now even more colorful with Onedio Gaming

Onedio Gaming, which will convey the latest developments in the game world to all players, will interpret the game world in its own language. The social content platform, which has presented the most up-to-date topics with its own signature for years, closely follows the global updates in the game and esports sector and will play a role in making the game world in our country more active.

onedio gaming
Serhat Bekdemir

Serhat Bekdemir, who is the head of the team that brought this brand new game medium to life, said the following about the subject; “Onedio is an indispensable part of the readers in Turkey as a social content platform. We are very pleased to reflect this strong potential on the platform to the game world with Onedio Gaming. With this brand new game channel, we will now be able to follow the developments in the game world both globally and in our country more closely.”

onedio gaming
Ozan Aydemir

Gaming in Turkey Agency President Ozan Aydemir said, “We have been taking steps to develop the game and esports industry in our country for years. As companies step into the game world, it is extremely important for our country that these steps combine to grow. We are also very happy that Onedio is a part of the game industry. The game world will gain a new perspective with Onedio Gaming.”

Onedio Gaming, which will be a brand new channel for gamers with understandable and simple content in the game industry where more than 10 thousand games are released and thousands of news are made annually, will open its doors very soon and will be presented to the game lovers.

You can follow Onedio Gaming on Instagram and Facebook.

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