Thursday, July 18, 2024

On the ICC’s table – Future of ODIs, more teams in WTC, the extra ICC event

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Chief executives of cricket boards will start hammering out on Thursday what cricket’s next eight-year calendar will look like. CEC (the ICC’s chief executives’ committee) meetings on the 2023-31 cycle have so far been exploratory in nature, in trying to suss out member views on various competitions, ICC events, and the growing space domestic T20 leagues now occupy.

But the real work of getting the calendar into shape begins now, with two broad questions to answer: One, how much time and space is available for bilateral cricket given ICC events and domestic T20 leagues. And two, what should the structure of international cricket, including the World Test Championship (WTC) and the ODI Super League, look like?

These discussions are likely to be more complicated than ever, and not just because figuring out a common virtual window for every board from around the world to attend is relatively tricky. The demands on the calendar are growing and have amplified, even in the time since these discussions last took place, across 2017 and 2018. Ahead of the meeting, we look at the four issues that need resolving in the next calendar.

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