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CONFIDENCE is vital in the pursuit of realising one’s ambitions. Whether it is to become a better speaker or to learn to stand up for oneself, self-confidence plays a crucial role in making any goal possible. This sentiment is strongly advocated by 29-year-old Naresh Kumar Sukumaran.

“Don’t let your self-doubt and qualms overcome you. You are the master, so you are in control. No matter what the obstacle is, you can find a way to counter it,” said the newly published author confidently.

Born and raised in Johor, Naresh was first introduced to self-help at the age of 19. As an avid reader, Naresh read various books of different genres.

From books about body language to personal development, he was inspired by the power and truth it imparted on its readers. This in return gave him the motivation to write his first book, The Basics, to empower youths of his generation. Unlike any regular book, The Basics is the first book in the country to adopt the concept of mirror writing.

Famously practised by Leonardo Da Vinci, this practice of writing presents words backwards to make them seem as seen through a mirror.

theSun spoke to him recently to understand the intentions behind this incorporation and his hopes for The Basics.

What was the process for writing The Basics?

The whole process was quite simple actually. I have long developed a strong interest in the self-development genre. Hence, I wanted to write a book that would motivate Malaysians to embark on their journey in accomplishing their dreams. But I wanted to challenge them in the process of doing so. Therefore, I introduced a newer way of writing a book, which is the mirror writing concept.

This concept is proven to assist fellow individuals with certain hindrances (Alzheimer’s, dyslexia) to read and grasp the message I am trying to convey. Hopefully, The Basics will be a motivation and reminder to them to not give up on their dreams.

What were the struggles you faced when writing the book?

As a person, I am not well-versed in the skill of multitasking. During the writing of this book, I had trouble balancing my workload from my work in completing the manuscript. So I had to burn the midnight oil and sacrifice my ‘me’ time. But this didn’t stop me, though. I kept pushing myself until I was satisfied with my final manuscript.

Money was also another concern since this is a self-published book. But I found a way to finance my publication.

How do you think readers will relate to the book in a difficult time like now?

Yes, I am fully aware that the past one year has been a struggle for many of us. But I wanted to remind youths that it is still possible to achieve their goals despite the current circumstances. In fact, the readers might get a reality slap from reading the book. This is because I believe some points mentioned in my book will assist them in some way in this devastating time.

Who are your favourite authors? And what books did you read growing up?

I love to indulge myself in the writings and works of Galileo Galilei, Leonardo da Vinci, Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein. Their ideas and works are my main motivation and served as a light to my own work. Others include local novelists and poets such as Abdul Samad Said and Usman Awang.

The American author Dan Brown’s famous fiction (bestsellers) such as Da Vinci Code and Inferno were some of the books I grew up reading. The way he used cryptic messages and a brilliant way to decipher them put me on edge. What I would call “profound and whip-smart work.”

What are your plans for the near future? Do you plan to write another book?

For now, I am focused on bringing the book to other online platforms and local bookstores.

More importantly, I am working to improve its appeal locally and internationally. For instance, The Basics was sent to participate in a well-known book award (event) and I am looking forward to a favourable result soon. However, the door is still open and if I were to write another book, it would be more distinguishable and diverse than The Basics.

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